Montclair Public Schools Launches Website and TV33

Montclair Public Schools

The Montclair Public Schools has announced two new technology improvements:

TV33 will serve as the District’s exclusive channel for broadcasting Board of Education(BOE) meetings and other educational programming. The launch of the FIOS station is a result of a collaboration among MPS staff, the Township and the Township Station TV34 who worked together to establish the new dedicated channel. The expansion of programming and high quality digital broadcasting is made possible through the installation of an encoder/decoder and TelVue HyperCaster®, hardware equipment purchased by the District.

BOE meetings, which take place in the evening, will be broadcast live on TV33 as well as streamed live on the District’s website. This will give families and community members the opportunity to see what transpires if they are unable to attend in person. In addition, if a meeting is missed live on TV, viewers will be able to watch it at a later date, as it will be recorded and replayed. Having this dedicated channel will avoid scheduling conflicts with other township meetings that would often preempt a Board meeting.

In addition to BOE meetings, the district hopes to expand programming to include recorded school tours, select sporting events and more. Playlists will be populated in the future as content becomes developed.

The district has also launched a brand new website. Interim Superintendent, Ronald Bolandi, sent the following message to families:

We are happy to announce that we have a new look to our website. This initial phase is what we call a “soft launch” and did not announce until after a 24-hour operation. We hope you find it attractive and easy to navigate. In the coming weeks, please visit our site and let us know what you think. Just click the link in Announcements on the District homepage and add your comments. Your opinions are important to us!

While our new site is debuting, technical glitches are bound to arise during these first few weeks. Our hope is that even with adjustments, we will not detract from your getting news and announcements from the District and our schools.

Our new website look, along with TV33 access, is part of an initiative to keep you informed about the District and to make it easier for you to access information.


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