Montclair’s ACME Gets Ready To Open


It’s not the first time we had an ACME in Montclair (here’s the one that used to be on Claremont Ave., where CVS is now), but now the A&P on Valley Road is gone and ACME is getting ready to open in its place tomorrow, at 7 a.m., if they deliver on signs in the store’s vestibule. The parking lot is packed with vans, and there’s a flurry of activity inside. One change we noticed — the old self-check out lanes were gone and replaced with new full service lanes.

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  1. Welcome, ACME! I used to walk to the ACME as a child from my home on Walnut Street, when the Acme occupied the corner of Claremont and Pine.

  2. Totally agree uptowndowntown–my first thought driving by was “Sheesh! Did they run out of money for a bigger sign?”

  3. The pharmacy sign is bigger than the Acme sign. either someone messed up or this is the least convincing mob front I’ve ever seen.

  4. I finally ventured in to try out the ACME on Valley Rd tonight. They have the same creepy guys working in the back. The lettuce heads were all rotten, and the eggs and Kerry butter were 3 times the price I pay @ Trader Joe’s. I spent $270, and my pre-registered ACME user account did not award me any discount. Well, now I know what that’s about and won’t be back. Hopefully the grocery store @ Lackawanna is actually transformed into something that is an improvement.

  5. The Bergen Record article mentioned that ACME agreed to hire 80% of the people who formerly worked at the A&P stores purchased by ACME. I believe that was in the bid specs.

  6. Maybe the guys in the back only appear creepy to you. What were you doing in “the back” anyway? People slaving away nights and weekends to put food on the shelves and you look down on them. Not nice! My trader Joe story is that we bought lump crab meat (canned) and upon opening it smelled terrible because it went bad obviously.

  7. @eric, I was shopping and making sure my child did not wander off! If you walk the back aisle from dairy to meats, the guys come out of the back, and you can run into them in any part of the store. Anyone who has been to there knows exactly what and who I am talking about. I won’t venture as far as the bathroom, as it’s been in the news for the cameras in the toilet.

  8. It was reassuring to find many of the former A&P staff still at work. Also, I was relieved to see that Acme still had the versions of shredded wheat & bran and grape nuts that I enjoy, plus Pete’s coffee, and the same brand of dried apricots that was there previously. I also picked up the Acme version of generic 2-ply bathroom tissue ( we never tried their brand before ) and we expect it to perform well.

  9. I have been to the new Acme twice and the vegetables were fresh and the store well stocked. They had a sale on Tropicana OJ for less than A+P ever sold it. I asked about a discount card and they said you do not need one as the discounts are automatic like at Kings. I will still purchase fish only from Kings as it is fresh not previously frozen there..

  10. @Nonfatwhip. So now the staff in the back are pedophiles?!?! Cameras in bathrooms is an unfortunate blemish that you cannot blame on more than one person who I’m sure is not working there anymore. I understand if the prices, quality or service is the reason not to go to one place or another, but slander is a low blow.

  11. Kings sets a high threshold for service and quality of food. If ACME wants to compete with them, I think Montclair will do very well.

    These reports are encouraging.

  12. My neighbor just returned a bunch of goods she purchased last weekend at ACME that had all expired 10 months ago. She hadn’t noticed the dates, but when she cracked open the items it became apparent that something was wrong. The quality control seems to be an issue over there.

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