The Interplanetary Silliness of LARD Dog

lard1The first thing kids are told at a performance of “LARD: Life’s a Real Dream” is this: “There are no rules!” What follows includes throwing pretzels, popping bubble-wrap, doing a dance called “The Pooky Do” and other serious silliness in a musical revue aimed at kids (probably 2 to 10 years old or so), running Saturdays at 11am at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre in NYC, October 17 through January 2.

Here’s the idea, and you just need to roll with it: The Human LARD Dog is a super-popular musician from the planet Belopio who travels on a giant pretzel with his Band of Shy to entertain the children of Earth. Over the course of an hour that never stops pulling out the stops, LARD Dog and his fellow musicians sing songs about digging holes in the sky, putting a colander on your head and the importance of Bob Hope. There’s also dancing, there’s throwing balloons and pretzels and tinsel, there are short videos starring LARD Dog in some additional silly situations, and there are enough grown-up references sprinkled throughout to keep parents in the zone.

The music is played by an accomplished group of musicians, led by Hoboken’s Jeremy Beck (who goes by the nom-de-LARD “Schwington Boogie”), and thoroughly sold by LARD Dog creator Steven Erdman and Kendy Gable, who duets with the Dog as “Honey Babe.”


The approach is kind of a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” for kids, using Dada wackiness to put across messages about how it’s OK to be shy and why it’s important to be nice. Oh, and why life is like a noodle. The vibe is loose and fun and funny, and the no-rules attitude means it’s fine if your little one wants to be quietly attentive or jump up and down in the aisles. There are lots of ways to have fun when you’re singing along with interplanetary hitmakers, and “LARD: Life’s a Real Dream” will entertain kids everywhere from New Jersey to Belopio.

Sample some songs here, and pre-order tickets here. More information about “LARD: Life’s a Real Dream” is at

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