Montclair Culinary Academy Offers Hands-On Classes for Kids, Teens and Adults



Looking for a fun new activity where your kids can use their creativity while also learning about math, science and even team building? Check out the cooking classes at the new Montclair Culinary Academy (MCA) for kids ages 8 – 12 and 13 – 17. “There are so many fabulous activities in Montclair for kids, but nothing else combines science with the creativity of cooking,” says MCA co-founder Chef Karan Fischer. Along with her partner, trained chef Lisa Davies, the duos’ goals are to build kid’s confidence, strengthen their teamwork skills and help them make choices when shopping or at restaurants.

We also want kids to understand that food is from the farm and not the supermarket, so we focus solely on farm-to-table recipes, says Chef Karan. But don’t assume that because these classes are for kids, the recipes are watered-down. Davies explains that a recent series gave younger kids the opportunity to create authentic international dishes from France, South America, North America and a Sushi Night. Highlights included: empanadas, salsa and fresh baked chips; crepes and soufflés; pumpkin soup with roasted pepitas and decorated Halloween sugar cookies; and Tekka Maki rolls and dumplings.

Each 90-minutes class consists of a demo, time for questions and then hands-on cooking. Kids leave with their very own creations to share with family members and a packet of recipes. Students can sign up for a whole series or for individual classes with pricing starting at $40. MCA also hosts cooking parties for birthdays and other special occasions. Classes are held at Designer Appliances on Bellevue Avenue and parties will be at the Montclair Women’s Club.

Jealous that your kids get all the fun opportunities? Classes for adults, which have more of a dinner party feel, are also available. They follow the same structure, but run an extra 30 minutes to include a sit-down meal at a communal table where students enjoy what they have prepared. Adult classes start at $60.

Upcoming offerings include “Healthy Chinese Takeout” for teens on November 14 and “Classic French Cooking” for adults on January 7. To learn more or to register for upcoming classes, visit

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  1. This sounds very interesting. However, I had to laugh when I went through the website and scrolled through FAQ. There was a question: “Do you offer baby making food classes?” I believe that baby making and food preparation are exclusive of each other, or am I being too literal? Good luck to them and I’ll be contacting the owners soon.

  2. Thanks Lucylou – great catch! Food and babymaking now that’s a whole different class. Look forward to talking to you soon!

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