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ACIEM StudiosStarting in 2016, ACIEM Studios in Little Falls will be offering Workshop Sessions to the public–for tweens, teens and adults. ACIEM has worked with some of the top names in the music industry, and now, you can add your own name to their roster.


Choose Your Package:

Tweens & Teens

ACIEM Studios

Tweens (ages 10-13) will be welcomed into ACIEM’s vocal booth to record popular songs in “Sing in the Studio.” At the end of the workshop, they will receive a CD of their performance with artist credit, an excellent gift for family and friends. Sessions integrate audio-visuals and age-appropriate activities. Teens (ages 14-18) will be taught how to mix and produce their own songs, and will cut a track in “Intro to Music Production.” Participants receive a mix of their professionally-produced song with co-producer credit.

Workshops for both tweens and teens include six sessions, two of which cover music production history and instruction in small group settings, with the remaining four in individual sessions with ACIEM’s production staff.



Adult musicians can take advantage of the “Song Incubator” workshop to record original songs using professional equipment. ACIEM’s experienced team will collaborate on artist decision-making and music production choices. Eight hours of studio time is included, culminating in the recording and mixing of one song, perfect for use as an artist demo.

About ACIEM Studios’ Community Workshops

ACIEM Studios

Brian Brodeur, founder of ACIEM Studios, established these workshops to fill a growing need in the area’s music community. “Though independent artists are increasingly producing their music at home, most do not have access to professional-level equipment and experienced engineers,” says Brodeur.

“We are offering these workshops and session packages at reasonable prices to help support students and independent musicians interested in high-level production.” Notably, ACIEM will not own or control any rights to original music produced during the classes, and will legally license any copyrighted music used in the workshops.

ACIEM Studios is a full-service, professional-level audio/video production company. The ACIEM team has produced projects featuring Keith Urban, Randy Jackson, Phish, Rod Stewart, Neil Peart (RUSH), Phil Collins, Frank Zappa, and dozens more. “We work with household name artists and huge entertainment companies, but have always welcomed independent musicians and local small businesses,” says Brodeur.


ACIEM Studios

How to Book Sessions

For more information and to reserve a space in a Music Production Class, go to www.aciemstudios.com/workshops  or call 973-256-7987. ACIEM is located at 101 East Main Street, Suite 1302 in Little Falls.


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