5 Things to Know About Montclair’s Newest Fitness Spot: Intrepid Gym


Intrepid Gym

Intrepid Gym has opened up in Montclair (312 Bloomfield Avenue) offering High Intensity Training (HIT), boot camp workouts, spin classes, yoga, Olympic lifting and more.

Whether that sounds intimidating or intensely awesome, you’ll find that at Intrepid Gym the focus is on developing programming for all ages and skill sets—from beginners to professionals. This beginner had a personal training session at Intrepid yesterday to learn more about HIT and the new gym in town.

Here are 5 things to know about Intrepid Gym:

1) This is the second Intrepid Gym location, the first is in Hoboken, NJ. The gym is a mostly a large open space complete with 40 yards of specialized turf for agility training, a TRX set up, weight lifting area, kettlebells, medicine balls, and pull up bars. There is a spin studio in a separate room off to the right and an evening yoga class will be offered soon. There are womens’ and mens’ bathroom/changing rooms, as well as a shower in each.
Intrepid Gym

2) The workouts focus on High Intensity Training (HIT), which is a workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest. In my session, I warmed up with some running, jumping jacks, and lunges, then did sets of 10 burpees (pure hell), 10 chest pulls using the TRX straps, and 10 push ups. I took breaks in between and started all over again until 15 minutes were up (there is a flat screen television with a timer on the wall). We finished with some strength training using a kettlebell and free weights, then a cool down stretch.
Intrepid Gym

3) Intrepid is not just a guy’s gym or a muscle club. I’ll admit that when I walked in it, memories of gym class and the scary ropes came flooding back, but those fears were quickly squashed when I met with Intrepid trainer and coach Rock (yes, that’s his real name.) He is friendly, knowledgeable, focused more on athleticism than muscles (he played collegiate football and lacrosse), and knew how far to push and when to take it easier on me. He said that Intrepid offers something for young athletes to older people looking for a great workout.
Intrepid Gym

4) Intrepid offers  class passes (from $25 to one time to $200 for 10), monthly passes ($125), and longer commitments (1 year commitment up front $1,100). Classes are offered as early as 5:45 am to as late at 7:45 pm. Intrepid also offers personal training sessions.

Intrepid Gym

5) Intrepid Gym will have a Grand Opening this Saturday, January 9 from 9 am – 1 pm. Go check it out.


Intrepid Gym
312 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ, 07042
973.893.5450, emailFacebook


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