Baristanet Profile: Kwame Williams

Kwame Williams

The latest installment of our Baristanet Profile series, where we get to know the people in our neighborhood:

Name: Kwame Williams

Where do you live? Montclair

When did you move there? Just under two years ago.

Where did you grow up? South Orange, NJ.

How do you make a living? I’m a executive chef and co-owner of Vital Dining in Montclair.

Coffee, tea or … ?  Tea or fresh Juice/smoothie. I never got into coffee.

What’s your idea of a perfect Saturday? Just a Saturday off — hanging around town with my family. You don’t get many Saturdays off in my line of work.

What’s your favorite local restaurant? Why Vital, of course!

What’s on your nightstand? Gemstones and crystals.

What are you listening to? M1’s “Meditation Series.”

What are your current addictions? Movies — both new & old.

Talent you would most like to have. Clairvoyance.

What’s the worst-kept secret about Montclair? Parking — it can difficult to say the least.

What do you hope they say about you at your funeral?  He was a great man that positively influenced many others’ lives.




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