The Wellmont Scores Fetty Wap, Talks 2016 Lineup

Grammy-nominated Fetty Wap is launching his Welcome to the Zoo tour at The Wellmont (if you don’t know who Fetty is, ask your teens) — quite a score for the venue which underwent renovations after being acquired by The Pinnacle Companies and Greenwood Development in July.

Wellmont marquée
Wellmont marquée. Photo: George Wirt.

Baristanet: Tell us about how Fetty Wap ended up at The Wellmont?

The Wellmont: Having Fetty Wap perform at The Wellmont is huge for us. Fetty is actually from northern New Jersey (Paterson) and we were thrilled when he approached us to host the “hometown kick off” of this tour. The Wellmont hasn’t historically had a lot of hip hop shows, but already this year we’ve scheduled Fetty, Grammy Award-winners Lauryn Hill and Lupe Fiasco, as well as a nostalgic 90’s rap show with acts including Salt N Pepa, Coolio, Tone Lōc, Kid ‘n Play, DJ EZ Rock, Rob Base and Color Me Badd.

Wellmont Theater renovations
Wellmont Theater renovations. Photo: George Wirt

Baristanet: What’s different about the Wellmont since the renovation/new ownership and what can we expect to in terms of its new direction?

The Wellmont:
We are creating a unique and special customer experience at The Wellmont. We know there are lots of places to go see concerts, and we want to give music fans a good reason to choose us. To that end, we’ve carefully renovated the historic ceiling in the theater, upgraded the lobby, completely revamped the food and beverage program, and made a significant investment in the audio video system. The Wellmont has always had a variety of programming options, and will continue to host rock concerts, kids shows and comedy. We hope to add speakers, interactive cinema and theatrical events to that list in the near future.

Dennis DeYoung
Dennis DeYoung. Photo: George Wirt.

Baristanet: What upcoming performers are a result of the new management team at the Wellmont and who, besides Fetty, are you most excited about?

The Wellmont: We’re really proud of our 2016 lineup, and we’ve got a good diversity of performances scheduled. The Gin Blossoms, Meat Loaf and The Cult are all coming in the spring, and we’ve added unique experiences like The Blues Brothers with Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi, and Genoa City Live! celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Young & The Restless. Dozens more shows are being planned now for late spring and summer.

Hyperglow. Photo: George Wirt.

Tell us in comments the upcoming acts you are excited about and what other performers you want to see land at The Wellmont.

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  1. they should model themselves after the Capitol Theater in Portchester, NY, which is a very similar venue, except that the Capitol is superior in every way.

    take a look at their upcoming lineup and compare it to the wellmont.

    The bookings at the Wellmont have taken a serious nosedive in quality since Bowery Presents was unceremoniously dumped. I’ll give credit to the Lauren Hill and Fetty Wap bookings because they are quality artists. I’m happy the new owners are fixing some things up. It seems like the new owners are moving in the right direction, but they have a long way to go. Live Nation has basically ruined the venue. Bring back Bowery !

  2. American Songbook and Big Band would be wonderful. Montclair has a large population of residents who grew up with this music, in addition to it’s resurgence of popularity.

  3. Bannerchemical – I see a lot of the same acts at Capitol as I’ve seen at the Wellmont in the last few years: Dark Star Orchestra, Slayer, Wilco, B52s, Ben Harper, Bill Maher…I think the Wellmont’s list is the best it’s ever been! Fetty Wap is a huge get, Lauryn Hill, The Blues Brothers, Meat Loaf…keep it coming!

  4. “The Gin Blossoms, Meat Loaf and The Cult are all coming in the spring, and we’ve added unique experiences like The Blues Brothers with Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi,”
    ……not to shabby in less then a year, I am interested to see what else comes along!

  5. I am a bartender at the venue since end November. I enjoy working there and look forward to the upcoming events. The amount of shows listed as of now is huge and so much variety. Personally can’t wait for Breaking Benjamin and Jim Norton! Saw Charlie Brown there with my family and it was a perfect night out. I believe new ownership is really doing great with the success of this venue and I’m excited to see what comes in the future.

  6. I’ve lived in the Montclair area the past few years and only have been to one show… With this new line up, The Wellmont looks like it is going to be my new weekend destination. I am very interested to see what else will be announced!

  7. Admittedly I’ve only been to one show since they reopened but from what I can tell the venue and the acts they’re booking are night and day difference from the previous management. This is very exciting for Montclair. Every business in this neighborhood will benefit if they can keep up the level of bookings they have been doing recently.

  8. If you haven’t seen Meatloaf in a while then you should! He’s better than ever! It looks like the new owners are trying hard to book good acts but need time. We should support these guys and tell them what we want.

  9. Excited about the new management with the Wellmont. Have been to more shows in the last 3 months than I have in 3 years. I’m excited to see who else they bring to the line ups! Loving the 90’s and Lauryn Hill concerts and hope to get more mainstream bands and acts in the future!

  10. Love what they’ve done here. The acts are good and getting better. The sound is notably improved as well as the alcohol selection and ease of getting drinks. Very excited for things to come at the new and improved Wellmont!

  11. The new management has done an incredible here and since the renovation the theater looks amazing!! This has quickly become my favorite venue to see live music at! Looking forward to Fetty Wap next week and can’t wait to see what the future brings, keep up the great work!!

  12. That’s a real coup to have booked Fetty Wap. It’s a departure from the Wellmont policy of featuring only acts that 1)became famous during the 1970s, or 2) pay tribute to an act that became famous during the 20th century. We certainly liked the Wellmont, and went often, when the Bowery folks booked acts like the Decembrists. Now, unless we’d like to see the Fab Floyd or the guy who played bass for Foreigner in 1979, we have to leave town for musical entertainment (excepting Outpost in the Burbs, of course–thanks, guys).

  13. Did a quick search for some Fetty Wap songs and lyrics. Classy fella. His appearance is celebrated as a great get, but when Ted Nugent played at the Wellmont it was deemed outrageous, offensive and sparked protests. I guess the n-word and objectifying women as hoes and p***y is more acceptable in our town. Good to know.

  14. Living so close to the city we are spoiled in Montclair for an abundance of culture and entertainment but now it is even more at our fingertips since the Wellmont reopened. I am someone who loves a good night out, something more than just standing around a local bar listening to the same crap songs, and now I can do that at least once a week thanks to the awesome lineup the new management and Live Nation have brought to our awesome town. The venue is beautiful, the acoustics are great, the staff has been really nice – a big step up from the “I’m way cooler than you” hipster bartenders at most Bowery Presents venues – and drink prices are friendly… also they have food trucks outside!
    Thanks for giving me another reason to boast about how awesome Montclair is!

  15. I’m sorry, but how would anyone in Montclair (especially parents or property owners) be excited about Fetty Wap coming to town with his songs that glorify the ghetto experience of drug dealing and ignorance? That is going to be a nightmare for police to control and residents to endure as the blood sets from his old stomping grounds on 12th ave in P-town arrive to clash with all the gangs from Newark and the Oranges that will undoubtedly be in attendance.

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