Three Boys Review the Big Apple Circus

BigAppleAs part of its yearly tour around the country, the Big Apple Circus always sets up its big tent and one ring in Bridgewater, NJ. This year’s show, “The Grand Tour,” is running at TD Bank Ballpark through Sunday, March 13.

I’ve gone the last 2 years and always enjoyed it, but this time I wasn’t able to check out the show. Luckily, my 6-year-old son got to go, along with his two cousins, ages 4 and 7. So I talked to 3 very excited little boys about what they saw and liked at the Big Apple Circus.

There was one thing they all agreed on: the acrobats were the best and most exciting part of the show. “My favorite was when the guy on 1 or 2 stilts jumped and did a flip and landed on a mat,” my son told me. “I liked how the guys had muscles. They looked so cool. I want to practice to do that.”

My nephews were enthusiastic about some of the other acrobatics: the 7-year-old said he especially liked “the wonder wheel, when the people went on the wheel, and spun around and round, running and jumping.” His little brother said, “I liked the acrobats, and my favorite part was the handstands.” What was so great about the people doing handstands? “They made Mommy so dizzy!” OK, I can see the appeal there. But the show had really made an impression on the 4-year-old, because he kept telling me about other acrobats and how their acts fit into the transportation theme of “The Grand Tour”: “They do handstands on a train. The ringmaster says, ‘All aboard!’”


Once everyone had discussed all of the cool tricks the acrobats did and mentioned the funny clowns, my older nephew told me about the fun animal acts at the circus. “There are a lot of dogs there,” he said. “They’re doing tricks: jumping, eating and jump-roping on a sausage rope!” Yes, there’s a jump-rope made out of sausages, and dogs jump over it. What kid wouldn’t want to see that?

Before they wrapped up their reviews, the boys had a few tips for anyone planning to go to the show. “No cellphones on,” said my son. “I saw some parents with their cellphones on—you shouldn’t have your cellphones on. That’s what the ringmaster said.” His older cousin advised kids not to worry—“There’s nothing scary”—and also had a pro tip: “Make sure to get cotton candy.” The youngest, though, summed up a trip to the Big Apple Circus pretty perfectly, for children of all ages: “It will be amazing!”

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