Montclair Township Animal Shelter Staff and Volunteers Save the Day — and Several Lives

Montclair Township Animal Shelter Kudos to the Montclair Township Animal Shelter staff and volunteers! This news in from MTAS:

A cat was abandoned in the shelter’s wooden donation box some time overnight. When shelter volunteers opened the box to put away donations, they found mom and what appeared to be three stillborn kittens. Mom and the three kittens were rushed to the shelter tech room for an exam.

While examining the kittens, it was noticed that one appeared to twitch, starting a race against the clock to attempt to warm the three ice cold babies.

Rushing into action, volunteers grabbed heating pads, warm fleeces, while staff held the kittens in their armpits to warm them up, frantically rubbing them to stimulate their circulation.

Within twenty minutes, mom had delivered two more kittens and the three kittens who were previously thought deceased were now warm, squeaking loudly and looking for mom!







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  1. Finally. The horrible effects of the destructoid Fried Five’s evisceration of PAWS many years ago at that site is undone. I’m very happy that thanks to the many people that forced the township to bring the Animal Shelter to be actually useful and beneficial to many animals. Too bad it took so long for the many animals that were abused in the interim. What a great outcome at last.

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