The Noble East: Fine Dining Chinese Restaurant To Open in Montclair


The Noble EastDavid Hsiung, whose family has owned and operated restaurants since the 1970’s in Chinatown, NYC and currently owns Hunan Taste in Denville, will open up a fine dining Chinese restaurant in Montclair this March.

The Noble East will be located at 4 Alvin place in Upper Montclair.

Hsiung, who has lived in Montclair for 2 1/2 years, tells Baristanet that he intends to open an establishment that not only delivers fine Chinese food, but also allows the guest to have a beautiful and ornate dining experience.

Hsiung’s cousin Tabitha Yeh will be the Executive chef. Yeh, who has worked in restaurants in Brooklyn, San Francisco, and most recently at NOMA in Denmark, will create a specialty menu for The Noble East to compliment the main menu, which will be similar to what’s served at Hunan Taste.

The Noble East will offer fine dining, take out, and delivery. Hsiung has hopes to offer brunch as well, after getting established.

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  1. Agree heartily. Hard to believe that a town with 30 Italian places, 12 Japanese places, and 8 Thai places can’t support a single Chinese place.

    Chendu 46 has slipped badly in the last few years. Simply is not worth the prices they charge. Will be great to have an alternative.

  2. Great news, I look forward to trying it! We were fans of China Garden in Clifton, which closed last year. It is odd that there are not more semi-formal Chinese restaurants in general; this was a thing 30 years ago and now they’re few and far between. Many went the way of the buffet, which unless you’re John Pinette is not always ideal.

  3. Chinese restaurants in Upper Montclair: TS Ma, Veggie Heaven and Bamboo Asian Bistro (“Asian Fusion” with a mixture of Chinese, Thai and Japanese). Bamboo has the best interior, though I don’t like their food. TS Ma has great food, but we use it more as a takeout than dine-in.

  4. Frankly I have always found TS Ma to be boring and perfectly average. As in there were 17 delivery places near my apartment in Brooklyn 20 years ago who could do what they do. Realize that a lot of folks (including my wife) who disagree. If anything I think the take out place in Watchung Plaza is consistently better.

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