Glen Ridge PD Seeking Information on Car Crash Involving a Pedestrian

Glen Ridge PD\

The Glen Ridge Police Department is searching for witnesses who may have information on the motor vehicle accident involving a pedestrian which occurred on Monday, March 21 at approximately 10 am:

On Monday, 3/21/2016, at 10:00 AM, a motor vehicle crash occurred at the intersection of Bloomfield and Hillside Avenues in which a pedestrian was struck. The GRPD is asking anyone to come forward who may have any information to assist the GRPD in their investigation. Please contact Sgt. Merritt Carr at (973)748-5400 ext. 124 or email him at


  1. Agreed with State Street Pete, except for the fact that I would not really limit the danger zone to any one specific stretch of Bloomfield Avenue which is incredibly frustrating for anyone traversing it by car, and downright scary and dangerous for anyone daring to bike or walk along it or god forbid cross it by foot. There is not a time that I am not on that road that I don’t see multiple near misses.

    I have said it on here before but I will say it again. It amazes me that with all of the talk and hope of redevelopment along the Bloomfield Avenue corridor that there is so little discussion around how to make the actual road safer and a better experience for pedestrians. Any mention of a retooling to reduce lanes is scoffed at, which is no surprise since it would probably add 1-2 minutes to people commutes…something that people seem unwilling to do.

    In the meantime, we will continue to put up we hit pedestrians, four lanes of traffic on a road that was designed for two and at the most two with a turning lane, incredible noise pollution from 18-wheelers struggling to speed up a steep incline, drivers speeding at least 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, cars ignoring the pedestrians crossings.

    It’s it truly a shame that our “Main St” on which 80% of our downtown infrastructure and entertainment lies is such an inhospitable and inhumane place to be. I really wish more of the development focus would shift to more quiet places of town like Glen Ridge Ave and Walnut as they are just so much nicer places to be. The car will always be king on Bloomfield Ave. Tune in next week for the next struck pedestrian or car that drives through a storefront!

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