Montclair Loves Hamilton! Lin-Manuel Miranda Visits MKA ( VIDEO)

Our middle school reporter and ultimate Hamilton fan writes…

You typically wouldn’t see a line of children, teenagers and adults on Central Ave on a Monday afternoon, but you also wouldn’t typically get to see a two-time Tony and Grammy award winning actor, composer and rapper at a middle school in Montclair. Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and star of Hamilton and In The Heights spoke at the MKA middle school on Monday, March 7, to a full auditorium as well as a spill-over room with over hundreds of people inside. Even though the event started at 7, and the school wasn’t allowing people to assemble on the property until 5:30, that didn’t stop eager fans from sitting on blankets and lawn chairs around the corner from the school as early as 4 o’clock.


Opportunities like this come rarely, so we were willing to Wait For It. On the line, a wide range of ages and people could be seen. Devotees had pizza delivered to them as they belted out lyrics to every imaginable song from Hamilton. When we were finally let into The Room Where It Happens, enthusiasts flooded the auditorium, taking up nearly every seat in a matter of minutes. While waiting for Miranda, fans were invited to write and submit questions for Lin to answer. At long last, Miranda was ushered into the room by security guards and The World Turned Upside Down.


Lin was welcomed by a performance by MKA’s a capella group, the Unaccompanied Minors. The group performed a Hamilton medley that showcased some of the show’s most incredible numbers. Miranda rose to the stage and was greeted by cheers and booming applause. Miranda was interviewed by Montclair Kimberly Academy’s Dean of Student Life, Dominique Gerard. Lin regailed the audience with stories of how he learned to freestyle, when he worked at Bar Mitzvahs in Long Island City, and how and what inspired him as a playwright. Everyone can clearly see that Lin- Manuel Miranda is Non-Stop and he will continue to Blow Us All Away


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