Montclair Parents’ Fight For The Right To Recess Makes CBS

Montclair Parents' Fight For The Right To Recess Makes CBS

Montclair Parents for Recess, a parents group that first started on Facebook, and later started a petition asking Montclair schools to adopt a more consistent recess policy, was the subject of a CBS Local News report Tuesday night.

Rachel Quinn Egan, a Montclair mom who launched the petition, said of the need for better recess policy, “I know that they [her children] are more focused and will learn better if they have some fun, and have had a chance for a break.”

Montclair parents and children were also interviewed at Watchung School about the need for unstructured playtime and getting outdoors.

A group of parents will present the petition to the Montclair schools superintendent and Board of Education at a public meeting next month.

Watch the segment here.

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