Montclair: What’s Coming to the Former Marzullo’s Space?



After a 31-year run in Montclair, Marzullo’s closed nearly a year ago. Jeff Munoz, owner of the very popular The Corner on Walnut and Grove Streets, is also owner of the the former Marzullo’s space next door. Munoz tells Baristanet that there are plans to open a new restaurant in the space and that it “will be a new concept, but it is too early to tell as we are still working on it.”

For those hoping that The Corner will have an expansion, it’s not happening. Munoz says there won’t be any changes to The Corner. But other than letting us know that there will be a new restaurant at the Marzullo’s space, Munoz wouldn’t share more. What we do know is if the new place is as half as good as The Corner, it will be another great addition to the Montclair food scene.

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  1. wishing them luck! the Corner has been a great addition to town, and I can’t wait to see what they do here!

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