Montclair High School Wins 2016 Euro Challenge Competition!

euro champs

Congratulations to Montclair High School’s Euro Challenge Team which won first place at the 2016 national competition!

The Euro Challenge provides 9th and 10th grade students with an exciting opportunity to learn about the European Union and current real world economic issues. Students from nearly 100 schools across the country participated in this year¹s competition. The final rounds were hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Under the direction of Jack Weber and Tom Clifford, the MHS team made a presentation concerning Spanish unemployment. Go blue!

(Photo l-r: Valeire Rouxel-Laxton (Economic and Financial Affairs EU Delegation to the US), Eli Kline, Jack Weber, Frances Laserson (The Moody’s Foundation President), Owen Kaplan, David O’Sulllivan (EU Ambassador to the United States), Max Weintraub, Ariella Frank, Hank Greenberg, Jimmy Connors, Noah Moyse, Thomas Clifford)

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  1. Super smart kids…great to see! They are obviously part of the reason for the achievement gap everyone frets about. Bit of paradox isn’t it? If you have smart kids in the school system you can boast about them and how great the schools are…but…then you create an achievement gap and the schools are failing. Can’t have it both ways….BTW, great job kids! Now go to work on the unemployment problem in this country. First, get the government to stop lying about the numbers!!

  2. Congratulations to coach Weber whose teams have dominated this competition since its founding in 2006. Montclair has won three times and come in second three times. Only Princeton and Ridgewood CT have been in the top two even three times.

    Those are some pretty high powered people that the kids were pictured with.

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