Montclair Resident Wants to Make High Times a Lifestyle Brand

Montclair Resident Wants to Make High Times a Lifestyle Brand

Soon a ganja-themed cruise ship could be floating into New York Harbor. With medicinal or legalized pot use growing, Montclair resident Larry Linietsky has his eyes set on converting his magazine into a lifestyle brand, reports The New York Times.

“High Times isn’t just for historically self-identified stoners anymore,” said Larry Linietsky, a former executive at Universal Music Group, whom High Times hired in January as its chief operating officer. “We are appealing to everyone who likes cannabis, or is at least curious about it, both recreationally and for medicinal use. That could be your boss, your neighbor or even your grandmother.”

Linietsky, a Wharton graduate and Cub Scout leader, intends to create apparel, furniture, nightclubs and eventually ganja-themed cruises, hotels and casinos, says the Times. But what about snack foods?

Medical marijuana use is legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia and pot is legal for adult use in four states with California likely voting on the issue this November. Pot is a billion-dollar business. State-regulated marijuana sales reached $5.7 billion in 2015, according to “The State of Legal Marijuana Markets” report from ArcView Group, an Oakland, California-based investment network for cannabis start-ups.

The article dives into the 42-year history of High Times, looks at new revenue streams for the publication and reports on some of the challenges Linietsky faces in promoting the High Times lifestyle.

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  1. “…..and eventually ganja-themed cruises”

    First Mate: “Captain, there’s an iceberg ahead !”

    Captain: “Uhh, Yeahhhh,dude,….fer shure….”
    (nod off)

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