Montclair High School Senior Creates Musical “Boy Meets Girl”

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boy meets girl

Montclair High School senior James Feinberg loves theater. Now Feinberg, who will attend Brown this fall and plans to major in Literary Arts, has created his own original musical, one that will be performed by Montclair High school seniors this month.

“Originally I had a concept for a screenplay about two actors playing the leads in a series of romantic comedies (like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan), who would, over the course of years, become close friends and then fall in love. But I had always wanted to do a musical for my senior option, and this concept was the only one I could think of that only really required two people — which made it a lot easier to implement. So I started working on it in September and finished the book and lyrics near the end of March.”

The result? “Boy Meets Girl,” a musical romantic comedy, where a depressed comedian and headstrong actress become close friends as they simultaneously evolve as a rom-com screen pairing. Boy Meets Girl stars Daisy Garrison (MHS senior) and Sam Norrie (MHS senior), both fresh off lead roles in SVPA’s Pippin.

In addition to writing the book for the musical, Feinberg directs and also penned all the lyrics and sought out composers Austin Karkowsky, Mark Roos, Kristen Dziuba, and Liam Kaplan (MHS senior) to create the music. Feinberg’s sister Lily Feinberg, an MHS sophomore, is production manager. Musical direction by Kristen Dziuba.

feinbergFeinberg says of his musical collaboration, “I worked with four separate composers, two from New York and Texas who I worked with via email and Google Docs, and two from Montclair. I would always write the lyrics first, send them away, and cooperate with the composer with notes and revisions on music they would send me.”

See “Boy Meets Girl,” Friday, June 10, 7 p.m. at the Little Theater at Montclair High School. PG-13 themes.

Author Discusses Her Memoir, ‘Awakening Through Menopause,’ in Montclair on Thursday

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Awakening Through Menopause

When one thinks of menopause, they tend to think of mood swings, hot flashes, insonomia, and a long list of uncomfortable side effects. Never in a million years could Olivera Milojkovic have imagined that menopause would be the catalyst to her inner transformation and very powerful spiritual awakening.

In her new memoir Awakening through Menopause: An Opportunity to Transform Your Life, former Montclair resident, Milojkovic highlights the signs and reveals insights from her personal spiritual awakening. The author will discuss more at Watchung Booksellers this Thursday, June 2.
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Sponsored: The Kensington Senior Living — Developers Still Excited to Contribute Resources to Montclair Residents and Businesses

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kensington senior

The Kensington Partners (pictured left to right): Steve Lampa, Jay Pope, Tanya Walker, Harley Cook, Tiffany Tomasso,
 Dave Faeder and Dan Gorham


We are the Kensington partners who are looking
 to build a first class
 senior living residence at
 65 Church Street. The seniors who will live there need some help with daily routines, but they also want to remain an integral part of the Montclair community.

We look specifically for towns which offer a wide range of resources that will improve the lives of older adults and their families, nearby businesses, local arts and enrichment organizations.

In Montclair, there is no other senior living provider, which means those who need assistance must leave town, move in with family, or get 24-hour in-home care. We seek 
to keep parents and grandparents nearby and well attended by providing essential care and health services.

What stood out most to us when we first visited is Montclair’s obvious spirit of diversity and inclusiveness. To us, inclusiveness means making it possible for everyone who lives or works nearby—including parents and grandparents—to participate in all aspects of the community in whatever ways they choose and are able.


The goals of our redevelopment plan fulfill the long-range planning objectives
of Montclair Township
(Hahnes Redevelopment Plan—adopted 2003).

We appreciate every individual who has taken the time to speak with us and to learn more about what we have to offer. If approved, our residence will house over 100 seniors, including some who meet criteria for affordable dwelling accommodations.

 will create over 100 new, well-paying jobs with benefits and a gross payroll of more than $4,000,000.

Montclair will receive nearly $250,000 in additional taxes each year, which will help keep residential taxes 

We will contribute $100,000 to the Township for general funds and another $175,000 to a parking fund. We will add 20 public parking spaces and 1,500 feet of retail space.

We will spend
 over $1,000,000 annually with local merchants—we typically have about 20,000 visits each year from guests who will shop and dine
 in the downtown area.

In addition to boosting revenue growth for Montclair, we will routinely organize events that bring all generations together comfortably in one place.

Parents and grandparents add richness to the diversity of a town’s culture, which aligns with Montclair’s inclusive approach. Our vision is to integrate our residence on Church Street into the community. Despite delays in development, we are committed to our mission to serve seniors with excellence, to honor the Township of Montclair and to beautify our Church Street location. In fact, we have personally invested over $5,000,000 into the site to date.
We own and will operate our residence for the
 long term.

Our location is at one
 end of Church Street,
in a transitional area abutted by churches. No other developer has offered to build there in 20 years. We have faith that the greater Montclair community
 will understand the overwhelmingly positive aspects of our project and endorse our plans to build it now.

We are asking for your help. Please let the Township Council members know that you favor the development of The Kensington Montclair. Tell them that you support our efforts to create housing that enables Montclair’s parents and grandparents to not only live but also to thrive in their beloved town.

Visit to learn 
about us, or call 973-744-0424 to speak with us directly. Say hello and tell us about your family. Share your concerns about the seniors in your life, and we will discuss the ways we can provide support.

Visit us on Facebook!

Giveaway: Watch UFC 199 Live at The Wellmont Theater

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UFC 199 _ JPG

Watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC 199 on New Jersey’s LARGEST HD Screen at The Wellmont Theater on Saturday, June 4th.

Bring your friends and party with MTV’s Jesse Camp with performances by Guns ‘N Roses, Metallica and Motorhead tribute bands! $5 Pabst Blue Ribbon and $5 shot specials all night and UFC 199 on the biggest screen in New Jersey-don’t miss out! Continue Reading

Go Out for the 27th Annual Montclair African-American Heritage Parade and Festival on June 4

BY  |  Tuesday, May 31, 2016 9:51am

Montclair African American Heritage Parade and FestivalThe 27th Annual Montclair African American Heritage Parade and Festival will take place Saturday, June 4.

The annual event is a celebration of our community’s African American culture, arts, talent, and pride. The celebration begins at 10:30 am with the parade that beings at Glenfield Park. It ends at Nishuane Park with a Music Festival. Continue Reading

Remembering Kimberly Foster-Clark

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Kimberly Foster-ClarkMy most enduring memory of Kimberly Foster-Clark, my daughter’s kindergarten teacher at Nishuane, is of daily pickup. At the end of the school day, as the kindergarteners exited the school building with their teachers to meet their parents, Mrs. Foster-Clark would lead her group of “walkers” down the ramp from the front door and to the grassy area where the parents waited. Like a mama duck, she walked – usually backwards down the ramp – with her trail of ducklings behind her. She usually wore some sort of ankle boot, a frilly blouse, and big loopy earrings. And she always wore a big smile.

It’s a memory that keeps coming back to me in the terrible days since I heard about Mrs. Foster-Clark’s death last Wednesday after a short illness that had kept her out of school since early April. Continue Reading

Montclair’s 2016 Memorial Day Ceremony Gets a French Connection

BY  |  Monday, May 30, 2016 3:37pm

The Montclair Memorial Day ceremony for 2016 was moved indoors in the council chambers at the municipal building due to rainy weather earlier on the morning of May 30.  The sun came out as the ceremony was ending.  Mayor Robert Jackson said that the smaller space in the chambers made for a more moving ceremony.

The ceremony honored black and Hispanic 369th Infantry Regiment, known as the Harlem Hellfighters,  for their distinguished bravery in fighting the Germans and helping to save France from defeat.  Private Crawford Crews, for whom American Legion Post 251 is named, was one of four members of the regiment from Montclair who served on the battlefield in the Great War.  The others were Corporal Austin Barnes, Corporal Benjamin E. Smith, and Private Alonzo Mills.

Yann Yochum, head of the Press and Political Office of the French Consulate in New York, speaks at the 2016 Montclair Memorial Day ceremony in other of black American soldiers who fought under the French flag in World War I.

Yann Yochum, head of the Press and Political Office of the French Consulate in New York, speaks at the 2016 Montclair Memorial Day ceremony in other of black American soldiers who fought under the French flag in World War I.

Speaking at the ceremony,  Yann Yochum, the head of the Press and Political Office of the French Consulate in New York, noted that when the United States declared war on Germany in April 1917, many black Americans were earger to sign up and join the fight, but in those days, American troops were racially segregated, and soldiers of color were mainly assigned menial tasks.  Yochum said that the 369th eventually fought under the French chain of com command.  Not only did they show such great courage,  they never lost a man to capture by the enemy or gave a foot of captured ground throughout  191 days of fighting.  It was the Germans who first called them “hell-fighters.”

“It’s hard to imagine the brutality of the battles and the suffering of these young men,” said Yochum.  “The vast majority had never traveled far from their homes before.  They courageously left their families to defend a country – my country.” The 369th was awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French government – the first Americans to be bestowed such an honor.

Yochum said he was grateful for the service of all Americans who fought to secure liberty and freedom in France and he hoped that the story of the 369th would become more widely known.  He also thanked black American soldiers for introducing jazz to France, much to the delight of Mayor Jackson and the other dignitaries.

Mayor Jackson and Yochum then presented a plaque to American Legion Post 251 commander Darrel Collins honoring the four Montclair men who were part of the Harlem Hellfighters, all of whom were members of the post, thanking them for having “paid the supreme sacrifice to ensure our freedom.”  Commander Collins said it would be proudly displayed at the post “with good cause.”  Later, he told Baristanet that it had been a great ceremony, and he said that he had only heard of the Harlem Hellfighters, who were also called the Men of Bronze, after he himself had left the service, and he underscored the importance of making people more aware of black American history.

As Mayor Jackson had said, noting the nicknames of the 369th, “You’ve got to be tough if you’re called ‘hellfighters’ and then ‘men of bronze,'” to appreciative laughter.

Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson (at podium), flanked by dignitaries at the township's 12016 Memorial Day ceremony.

Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson (at podium), flanked by dignitaries at the township’s 12016 Memorial Day ceremony.

Resident Irving Geddis, who had approached the township with the idea of honoring the Harlem Hellfighters and was instrumental in the organizing of the ceremony, said he was grateful for the joy that audience had shown, and he said he had been particularly impressed when he learned about Private Crews’ story and what a formidable solider he was.

Part of the Montclair Community Band performs before the start of Montclair's 2016 Memorial Day ceremony.

Part of the Montclair Community Band performs before the start of Montclair’s 2016 Memorial Day ceremony.

The ceremony, which featured patriotic music from members of the Montclair Community Band, also included words from Bishop Warren Harper, a Montclair Mormon elder from the Caldwell ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in North Caldwell, who hoped that the fallen servicemen and servicewomen being remembered on this day had “passed into a life more abundant, into a service more noble, where there is no more pain nor sorrow, neither tears nor suffering.”  The Montclair Police Honor Guard was on hand for the firing of the salute – “hopefully outside,” Mayor Jackson joked – which the honor guard was able to perform in the parking lot after the weather had cleared.

Remember Those Who Served: Memorial Day 2016

Monday, May 30, 2016 2:22pm


It’s Memorial Day. Remember the men and women who gave their lives while in military service today.

Montclair Film Festival Summer Enrichment Programs For Middle and High School Students

BY  |  Monday, May 30, 2016 10:30am

montclair film festival

Montclair Film Festival will offer summer enrichment programs for middle and high school students:
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Portraiture Fans: Don’t Miss the Van Dyck Exhibit at the Frick in NYC

BY  |  Sunday, May 29, 2016 5:39pm


Lady van Dyck

Need a culture fix? Art lovers should consider planning a visit soon to the elegant Frick Collection in New York City to catch the Anthony van Dyck exhibit: “The Anatomy of Portraiture”, before it closes on June 5th. With over 100 sketches and paintings, it’s the most comprehensive exhibit ever on his activity as a portraitist, and the first major exhibit in the U.S. on the Flemish artist’s work in over 20 years. Continue Reading

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