Bloomfield Primaries: Venezia Wins


According to results posted on the Essex County Clerk’s website from yesterday’s primary elections in Bloomfield, Incumbent Mayor Michael Venezia beat challenger Councilman Joseph Lopez with 4,588 to 2,166 votes.

Venezia council slate, Wartyna Davis, Carlos Pomares and Ted Gamble, were also all declared victors. They defeated Lopez’s slate Kathy DeMarino, Jo Lewis and Yudi Sobharam.

The winning slate will now continue onto the November general election where they will face the Republican ticket.

Venezia thanked his support for the win in, what he said was, a “historic landslide with nearly 70% of the vote, sweeping all three council seats and 69 out of 70 county committee seats.”

“This is an amazing moment for our town and I am so thankful for the support and faith you have shown in our team, and promise to keep moving Bloomfield forward! On to November.”

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  1. In a town with over 80,000 people 6754 showed up to vote ?!?! The people have spoken and most said I don’t care.

  2. Not sure where you got the 80,000 number from, but the population of Bloomfield is a little north of 47K. I have no idea what the number of registered voters is but that’s still a pathetic turnout.

  3. Wikipedia says: As of March 23, 2011, there were a total of 28,398 registered voters in Bloomfield.

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