Cheer for Montclair on Jeopardy Thursday Night!


Answer: Liz Lynch. Question: Which Montclair resident will compete on Jeopardy Thursday night?

Liz Lynch has watched and loved the game show Jeopardy since she was a little kid, shouting out responses with her mom. She always wondered how she would do for real, so when she saw a post about the audition test on Facebook, she decided to try.

“I took the online test one night at the kitchen counter after dinner. I figured, it’s just online, no biggie,” says Lynch. It turns out, it was a big deal. Lynch scored high enough to be invited to an in-person audition.  She traveled to Boston for her audition last fall.

“There was another quiz, with pencil and paper, plus a mock round in which they called candidates up in groups of three to use The Buzzer and compete for clues. After that, you are officially in the contestant pool, waiting for The Call from the show’s staff, inviting you to compete,” explains Lynch, who adds, ” If it doesn’t come within 18 months, you are free to start the process all over again.”

Lynch did receive the call and competed. Filming is done in advance, but, of course, Lynch cannot share how she did.  However, you can find out on Thursday, June 16, when Jeopardy airs on ABC at 7 pm tonight!

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  1. Well done and nice job with Final Jeopardy answer, “All the King’s Men”.
    I guessed, “Gentleman’s Agreement”, but that 1947.

    See you tomorrow night!

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