Montclair Food News: Osteria Giotto To Close

Osterio GiottoSad news for the many Giotto fans in the Montclair area (especially Peter King). We’ve been told that Osteria Giotto will close on July 11.

It’s not all bad news though, the owners still plan to open a small takeout place on Church Street — we wrote about their plans for Bottega di Giotto back in 2012. Let’s hope that the beloved lasagna will be available for takeout. Baristanet will update with a response from Giotto’s owners who will share more this week — stay tuned.

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  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????

    This is crazy talk.

  2. The most over-rated Italian restaurant here and a continued demonstration of how limited some are at really judging good food.

    Compared to Fascino for example in Montclair, it doesn’t hold a candle. Compared to upscale Manhattan Italian restaurants like Da Umberto’s in Chelsea – the food is just mediocre. Even compared to more moderate priced city fare, it’s just another typical Italian haunt.

    Yet, for years and even here above we read of seemingly glowing taste bud exaltations.

    Of course, some can dispute and push back back on the foodie arrogance played…but those who really know continue to say just..ehhh.

    Take out IS the appropriate next step.

  3. They are truly among the best of the best and I’m glad they’ll have a take away on church st…. I hope they’ll have a few sidewalk bistro tables there too. I always thought that the space there on Midland wasn’t ideal for them… It’s was always too crowded and too loud… I couldn’t hear a thing when dining.

  4. spotontarget, justsaying – Why are those who applaud the food at Osteria Giotto seen as demonstrating “foodie arrogance?”
    No one here is saying that it serves the absolute best Italian food in the tri-state, or Northern NJ or even Essex County, for that matter.
    It has very good fresh and seasonal fare, excellent service, in a great location with outdoor dining. Nothing wrong with that, is there?
    One poster above said it has the best lasagna. For lasagna, as we all know, is a very personal and sentimental dish, the opinion of which is usually inspired by our nonna.
    Now name dropping Da Umberto . . . that’s what I call “foodie arrogance.”

  5. Da Umberto was once rated the best Italian Restaurant in NYC by Zagats– which is based totally on user reviews. It’s still considered pretty up there. So I wouldn’t call that “foodie arrogance”. I’d call it realistic user response.

    Again..for those who swear by Giotto as a top of the top each their own. For some of us and infrequently heard here..which was my’s always been over-rated.

  6. “…continued demonstration of how limited some are at really judging good food.”

    lol – yes to each his own I guess.

    As for Giotto – IMO it’s okay. They have good homemade pasta but the Scala del Nonna on Church St and Fascino are better all around and Corso 98 is just as enjoyable. But that’s in my opinion. I don’t begrudge anyone who thinks Giotto is the top place in Montclair their opinion.

  7. spot – “Take out IS the appropriate next step”, “but those who really know . . .”

    Foodie arrogance, plain and simple!

  8. Do you clowns need to argue about everything? Some people absolutely love Giotto’s. Some don’t. Others are on the fence. It’s closing and the people who love it are sad about it. What is there to argue? Are there other great Italian restaurants in town? Certainly. Are they better than Giotto’s? Who cares? Let us have a moment to mourn in peace.

  9. Stand down, mrmayor. If you want to mourn in silence, feel free, but don’t try and moderate dialogue here.I liked Giotto’s and feel strongly about it.

  10. But your treatise on the comparative assets and liabilities of suburban supermarket shopping is something we need endure?

  11. Well said Silverleaf. The debate tactic I find most distasteful here is the one which you note Mistermayor tried to employ — telling people when it’s appropriate to comment on something and advising the manner in which they should do it.

    Too many use this to try and close conversations they don’t like, or just don’t want to hear. But what they frequently don’t see — their hypocrisy — is that of course, everything they deem to be pertinent, what ever they feel is timely..or important…is always of course just fine to dwell on about ad nauseum.

    Forget the position specifics — when someone tries to cut off and shut down discussion with dismissive comments such as Mistermayor did – they should take a breath. Focus on the position being expressed…not whether that person should say it then or the form it’s being communicated. That’s a BS form of commenting.

    In this case, my thinking is why bad mouth and go out of the way to rant negatively about a restaurant while they are here operating — to potentially hurt their business. Better to just own up and point it out to those that didn’t get it — as the place gently passes into the night.

  12. ugh man you are pretentious skippy target. And this is like when someone dies and you bad mouth them. I hate to see anybody go down, and this place provided a bunch of jobs. Now go away.

  13. I have to agree with “spot”….the place was okay at best. I can understand why a lot of people liked it but if I am paying NYC prices I prefer NYC value. They had a good run and I tip my hat to them for their success but I am sure at some point you get tired making payroll. Unfortunately, in the coming year I fear more small businesses will be closing. The full brunt of Obamacare costs don’t hit until January and add that to minimum wage hikes, sick leave, etc. ….will be tough for small businesses with employees to survive.

  14. Spot = Troll.

    Spot, you are the precise definition of a troll. No life. You make the Internet such a horrible place.

    Your first post here was an absolute: Giotto is mediocre and anybody that likes it is a mindless crowd follower with no taste buds. You DID NOT say it was your opinion. You arrogantly stated it as fact.

    You are the perfect example of a troll. Throwing absolutes to stir the pot and get all these replies, like mine. Because you need this attention to live. I feel sorry for you.

    You could have more pleasantly said, “in my opinion…” But you didn’t. You’re a troll. Go back under the bridge and let happy people with joy in their lives be rid of you.

  15. Giotto is a really special place. It’s ingredients were the freshest of anywhere around, the sauces are amazing, the seafood is spectacular and it is the closest to food I got in Italy to any restaurant I’ve eaten at in this area. My mother-in-law, who lived in Chelsea and regularly went to 4-star Manhattan restaurants made special trips here to go to Giotto’s. Everything was done with care and class. It will be a shame to lose it. It is packed every night not just because reputation but because it was incredibly consistent, creative, fresh and original. I could reproduce the meal I got at other Italian restaurants pretty well at home, but not Giotto’s. Luca is an amazing chef. I think Fascino, Scala del Nonna, etc. are fine places, but Giotto’s is just a cut above.

  16. I knew I shouldn’t read these comments… I’m a NYC transplant thrilled to have finally found a spot in Montclair a few months ago, and I’ve enjoyed one meal at Giotto, and now it’s gone. That’s bad enough. If I hadn’t read this thread though, I wouldn’t have known about Mimi’s–one of the few things that ever motivated me to cross over to the UES.

    I’m sure Giotto wasn’t the greatest thing ever to hit the Italian restaurant world. What especially concerns me is that it may be another sign of the slow eclipse of Jersey Italian culture. Good god, even the relatively literate Baristanet crew misspelled “Osteria” in a large font and still hasn’t noticed. I hope Giotto will be replaced by another Italian eatery, but frankly, I’ll be surprised if it is.

  17. Even Italian people differ about the best restaurants in Italy. Sicilians, Venetians, Livornese, Romans, etc all have their own ideas about “good” food. No reason why Italian Americans and others won’t have their favorites, although respect for other points of view is often a good idea.

    Fascino, DiSopra, Nonna, and many others are delightful restaurants. And I’ll miss Giotto.

  18. My two favorite italian restaurants in NJ are tiny and have no real table service. Both only have six or eight tables…. The regulars are mainly police officers (in both places) The pasta dishes are just as delicious as being in Italy.

    Martino’s is owned by an older Sicilian couple who immigrated and raised their family here. The food is genuine and excellent.

    Ritacco’s Pizzeria in Nutley has excellent neapolitan style entrees and soups that taste like they are directly from an outside cafe overlooking Capri

  19. I’ll throw in the last word.

    Food is average.

    Also, this is not news, they made the decision to shut down over 6 months ago, however stay tuned.

    Lets shut it down here.

  20. batman…and especially zinfandelish. Your responses effectively: ‘lets just love each other’ and hold hands…don’t say something you believe because it might be emotionally painful and hurt the restaurant’s feelings as they’re closing — just reeks of pansy, PC content control.

    Zinfandelish…you don’t need to qualify opinions here by saying “in my opinion”…It’s a comment section genius. Inherently, this is the commentator’s opinion.

    Instead, you need to man or women up..Stop whining and just agree or disagree with someone’s position and tell us why. Don’t instruct people how they should comment, what’s an appropriate position..and when they can say it.

    You and a few others here need to stop trying to control debate. I think your kind of comment represent the worst in Montclair’s conformity mindset. And because many are then afraid to say what they think – just because of fear of being told they are too harsh or being too negative..we as a town keep making the same mistakes again.

    Not every obituary needs to be fluff. How about real. The first four comments here were all about how great the food was and how sad everyone felt.

    I completely disagreed and said why. That’s all. Deal with it.

  21. “Don’t instruct people how they should comment, what’s an appropriate position..and when they can say it.”

    —…he says, instructing people on how they should comment…

    “many are then afraid to say what they think – just because of fear of being told they are too harsh or being too negative..”

    —what a bunch of malarkey. why is it that the Brave Patriots of The Right are such cowards, silently quivering in fear at the thought of being critiqued WHILE USING A FAKE NAME.

    “Deal with it”

    —follow your own advice.

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