Yo Montclair, NJ – We Got A Dope Theme Song! Check Out “The Clair”


Don’t matter if you’re rich or you’re mad broke, always some kind of fun you can have yo
— “The Clair”

If you’ve got high school kids at home, you may have already heard “The Clair,” and like me, you may even got its catchy hook stuck in your head. Hip hop artist Samad Savage raps with love for his hometown of Montclair, NJ. Savage’s video, directed by Lump Shadow, features Montclair Center street scenes and storefronts prominently. The video, with over 9,600 views as of today, caught the attention of Urban Outfitters (one of the businesses that gets a shout out, along with CARS, Leone’s and Takeover ), who then profiled Savage here.

I had the idea of making a song for my hometown, Montclair (a.k.a. The Clair), for a really long time. I have an undying love for my home. I created the chorus before the instrumental. Then I created this super dope beat with a jazz sample and said “This is it. This would go perfect.” So then I wrote the song, recorded, mixed it and mastered it in my home studio. Uploaded on soundcloud and the response was spectacular.

“Everyone in my town loves the song and video so much and I’m loving the support I’m receiving,” Savage tells Baristanet. “I personally feel like I’ve made better songs, but I am glad I made this song because I love my town.”

Savage, 20, credits growing up in Montclair for the direction he is taking his music. “Living in such a diverse community let me have all kinds of experiences that have led me to want make music for everyone,” says Savage, who adds that he loves hanging out all over Montclair — Church Street, Uptown and the South End — and especially the town parks.

Savage, whose favorite musicians are Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Big Daddy Kane, John Lennon and Aretha Franklin, has been attending college part time, creating more and more music and performing at various venues. When asked where he wants to be in five years, Savage says “I hope to be one of America’s best offerings to the world.”

Catch Samad Savage live on July 9 at the Newark Riverfront and then at Montclair’s Urban Outfitters, Friday, July 29, at 7 p.m.

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  1. I love it! Congratulations Savage…. hope to hear more about Montclair! I love the line “Don’t matter if you’re rich or you’re mad broke, always some kind of fun you can have yo — “The Clair”

  2. Looks and sounds really good and I hope that you have much success for Montclair and for all of you!!

  3. That made this middle aged guy smile ear-to-ear. Well done Savage and friends. Well done indeed. 🙂

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