Montclair’s Russian Spy House Still Stands Unoccupied

Russian-spy-houseIn 2010, 10 alleged secret agents spying for Russia were arrested by the FBI. Two, “Richard and Cynthia Murphy,” lived at 31 Marquette Road in Montclair. The couple were really Vladimir and Lidiya Guryev. They were sent back to Moscow by the United States government in an exchange. (Fun fact: The Guryevs became an inspiration for the FX show “The Americans”).

In 2013, Baristanet wrote about the state of the “Spy House,” which had become unoccupied, rundown and strewn with leaves and was also for sale. Today, six years later, it’s worse, but a bank recently acquired the deed as a lienholder.  The NY Times writes about the most recent develop of the Marquette Road home in an article today.

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