Creating a Mosquito-Free Backyard


Protecting against mosquito bites is more important than ever this summer, especially for women who are or may become pregnant, due to Zika virus.

Insect repellent on your clothing and exposed skin is important, but so is keeping your yard as mosquito-free as possible.

The single most important thing you can do to reduce mosquitoes around your property is to eliminate standing water. Mosquitoes will develop in any puddle that lasts more than 4 days. Areas to keep dry are bird baths, clogged gutters, flowerpots, baby pools, outdoor toys, watering cans, and anything that collects water. Do a thorough inspection around your property to check for sources of standing water to eliminate breeding mosquitoes.

Consumer Reports offers great tips to keep mosquitoes (and ticks) away here, including non-traditional methods such as using LED or yellow lightbulbs and plugging in a fan when on your deck.

If, despite this prevention methods, mosquitoes are feasting on you and your family, you may want to call in the professionals. Here are 4 local companies that offer services to help:

  • AMCO Pest Services Inc.: AMCO can help to control mosquitoes on your property. There are many methods that we use for mosquito control. Depending on the situation, source reduction (e.g. removing stagnant water), biocontrol (e.g. importing natural predators such as dragonflies), trapping, and/or insecticides to kill larvae or adults may be used.
  • Dial Pest Control: Provides seven service visits scheduled once a month April through October. They use backpack sprayers to fog barrier treatments of vegetation areas, soffit overhangs, eves, patios, window screens and other resting areas eliminating adult mosquito populations AND we apply larvicides to standing water on the property, eliminating breeding sites for larvae.
  • Mosquito Squad: Mosquito Squad uses an all natural mosquito spray made up of essential oils, eliminating adult mosquitoes on contact and repelling 70-75% of your property’s mosquito population. As opposed to our traditional barrier protection, the all natural treatment must be applied every 14 days.
  • Eastern Pest Services: Treatment consists of a residual spray which is used on surrounding shrubbery where the adults tend to roost. It is recommended to tend to areas where stagnant water may be harboring mosquito larvae, so working with the homeowner to remove these potential breeding grounds will minimize the chances of re-infestation.
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