Montclair Women Featured in Bobbi Brown’s New “Be Who You Are” Campaign

Be Who You Are

For the past 25 years, Bobbi Brown — Montclair’s own makeup maven — has been helping women to embrace their own beauty through her philosophy that makeup should enhance, not change your looks. Her books and website are filled with women of all ages and skintones and throughout the years she has created empowering campaigns to help women feel confident, such as “Pretty Powerful” launched in 2010. Yesterday, to celebrate her 25th anniversary, Brown launched the “Be Who You Are” campaign.

“To celebrate this milestone, I’m proud to announce Be Who You Are—our largest campaign to-date featuring women of all ages, races and walks of life. Some of the women are my friends and co-workers. Others are entrepreneurs who I admire. There are also photographers, artists, students, writers, and a few who I spotted on the street and invited to be a part of the campaign. All the women in the campaign have their own unique look and story to tell. They’re confident and comfortable in their own skin—and that, to me, is what matters most,” says Brown on her blog.

Three of the gorgeous women featured are, like Brown, from Montclair.

Nicky Mesiah, known for her delicious toffee and healthy BFE cookies, Vo Giang (who you may recognize as a server at MishMish Cafe), and Rosanne Guararra show how being who you are is a very beautiful thing:




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  1. I recognize all three beauties, congratulations to the beautiful Montclair mavens, well deserved!

  2. So wonderful to see glamour achieved by “being who you are”. Great to have witnessed my stylish friend Nicky’s natural hair evolution. So glamourous…so inspiring! Congratulations!

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