Crazy Mocha Coffee Coming to Montclair


Crazy Mocha Coffee

Crazy Mocha Coffee Co. is making its way to Jersey next month. We reported that the Pittsburgh coffee house was coming to town back in January. After many renovations, the coffee shop is scheduled to open at 491 Bloomfield Avenue for Labor Day weekend.

Ken Zeff is the man behind the mocha. He tells Baristanet that he chose to bring his Pittsburgh coffee to Montclair because he really fell in love with the town. “My brother and sister-in-law moved up here about 15 years ago and during visits (lots of Montclair football games) I really took a liking to the town. Watchung Plaza, Bloomfield Avenue, and Valley Road all seemed like great neighborhood spots.”

crazy mocha coffeeZeff has opened 30 coffee locations in Pittsburgh since 2000 and says he has a passion for community and neighborhoods. “During my many family visits, I met up with local developer Bob Silver from the Bravatis Group. I fell in love with his passion for this community and the awesome work he does on his renovations.  That was the tipping point for me to come up into Montclair,” says Zeff.

Crazy Mocha Coffee offers espresso and coffee selections found out a specialty coffee house and a wide selection of pastries and snacks. (Zeff says their biscotti are awesome).   Above all, Crazy Mocha is meant to be a community place, says Zeff. “We also offer a super casual environment and encourage people to meet up and hang out.”

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