Officials Say Cause of Fire at Montclair Township Animal Shelter to be “Undetermined”

Montclair Area Businesses Helping Montclair Animal Shelter Rebuild

Four months after a fire destroyed a large portion in the rear section of the Montclair Township Animal Shelter, officials say the cause remains “undetermined.”

In a statement on the investigation, Montclair Fire Department Fire Official John Thomas said, “After following up on all possible causes for the fire that occurred on April 3, 2016 we find that the cause will be undetermined. All of the hypotheses have been examined and reviewed by the Montclair Fire Investigation Unit and the Travelers Insurance Company Fire Investigators. Due to the amount of damage the area sustained and the extreme wind on the day of the incident, the investigation of cause was hindered. Thereby, it is determined at this time that the cause is “Undetermined” unless further evidence arises.”

Montclair Communications Director Katya Wowk told Baristanet that the Township anticipates the first phase of reconstruction will commence within the next several weeks. “Before that can happen, the building security system and fire an CO alarms must be put in place. In addition, Rapid Recovery Services (the company contracted to clean up and mitigate damage caused by the April 3 fire) is currently working toward satisfying all requirements to open the main building, which includes front areas of the first and second floors.”

Elizabeth Morgan is currently serving as acting shelter director since Nicole Dawson’s resignation.



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