Check Out Innovation Faire! Free STEM-inspired Event at Buzz Aldrin Middle School, 10/8

Have you ever made a 3D-printed miniature replica of your head? Or seen a robot perform surgery? Or launched an air rocket?


This Saturday, October 8, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the entire community is invited to The Innovation Faire, a free STEM-inspired event hosted by Buzz Aldrin Middle School at 173 Bellevue Avenue in Montclair. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience interactive and hands-on exhibits, including concepts in 3D printing, physics, robotics, engineering, medicine, art and math. Exhibitors include area professionals, teachers and a host of Montclair middle and high school students dedicated to STEM initiatives.

Daniel Taylor, a teacher and STEM-coordinator at Buzz Aldrin Middle School, said, “We will provide a venue of exploration and excitement for everyone. We want the public to come and share their ideas and energy for creativity and wonder.”

Among the invited exhibitors will be Rob Daily, manager of the Maker Lab at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. On Saturday, Daily will demonstrate electromagnets with Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer), and bring LSC’s 3D printers to make unique badges for attendees. Other exhibitors include Mountainside Hospital, MakerDepot and Tech 101 Kids.

The gym will be abuzz with innovation and creativity from students and local community members as well. A Buzz Aldrin Middle School 8th grader will be showcasing woodworking and wood-burning techniques, alongside an MHS student who will be making catapult gliders out of balsa wood. Another group of students will demonstrate a videogame where you can build space stations and land virtual space crafts on the moon and planets.

Members of the Montclair Knitting Circle will teach how math plays an integral role in knitting and crocheting. Barbara Rudy, a retired actuarial systems analyst with a degree in mathematics, explained “Knitting is very much math related, heavily tied to patterns and charts, counting, understanding yardage, shapes and proportions. We’ll have a bucket load of needles and yarn so everyone can try their hand at it!”

“The Innovation Faire brings our community closer together by sharing in the complexity of thinking and problem solving,” Taylor explained. “The point is to have a family learn together, to create conversation and to support the ideals that learning is endless and bountiful. We can learn from anything if we just give it the chance and change our perspectives.”

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