Montclair Kids Paint Make America Love Again Mural (Update)

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Update: As of this morning, on part of the mural the children painted, the rainbow heart, was defaced with graffiti, a scrawled message “Make America Great Again.”

It was to add insult to injury. When Power Stretch Studios suffered a fire at its Bellevue Ave. location, the storefront’s boarded-up windows and doors became a target for graffiti, including anti-Hillary Clinton sentiments.

Montclair’s Gina Shaw reached out to Power Stretch owner Hakika DuBose and organized a group of children who would paint over the graffiti on the plywood to create an inspiring mural with the sentiment “Make America Love Again.”

Make America Love Again in @umbamontclairnj @power_stretch_studios

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Bryn Heathman, who brought her two sons to paint the mural on Sunday afternoon, said her 10-year-old felt good and happy while painting it, and liked how people passing by kept complimenting the kids, and how that made him feel like he was in a caring community. Her eight-year-old said he felt like they were making the world a better place.


Rachael Quinn Egan brought her two daughters and noted that her girls wanted to make sure everyone felt represented in the mural, which is why the girls painted handprints in different skin shades. “It was so great to see our kids having that opportunity,” Egan added.




  1. POSTED BY fishoutofvodka  |  November 14, 2016 @ 10:11 am

    Where are the police on this? Seriously, we have a business owner who is being repeatedly harassed and targeted by vandals, and my understanding is that they’ve been completely apathetic about addressing the problem.

  2. POSTED BY johnqp  |  November 14, 2016 @ 11:08 pm

    Put a camera on it, and God help the cretins if they are caught.

  3. POSTED BY flipside  |  November 15, 2016 @ 7:18 am

    “Make a America Love Again”….what a noble and wonderful idea! Perhaps this summer the kids can visit some mill towns where half the buildings are boarded up. Where the local children have little hope, the young adults have hollowed out eyes, and meth, heroin, and beer are the three food groups. You don’t have to go very far and be sure to bring plenty of paint. They could use a little love too.

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Sad. Let's hope that this is not its "Last Tango." One of the most beautiful and iconic buildings in town. Valentino, Garbo, Keaton must have played there.

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