Montclair Resident Writes About Vandalism After the Vote For Trump

Yesterday, two days after America elected Trump as our 45th president, Montclair resident Cathy Renna wrote an op-ed at The Huffington Post titled “A Vote for Trump Was A Hate Crime,” in which she says her LGBT for Hillary bumper sticker was vandalized in the parking lot of a Montclair supermarket. Renna is a LGBT activist and is the Principal of Target Cue, a public interest PR/communications firm focusing on LGBT and HIV related issues.

Renna writes:

We live in Montclair, NJ, one of the most diverse and progressive places in the state. For the first time in a long time I no longer feel safe. I used to brush off the occasional epithet and frequent misgendering, and have not had to deal with anything overt for some time. I fear that may change, not just at home but as I travel. With a daughter living in Texas and someone who travels for work, this feels very very real.

Since the election Anti-Trump protests have been going on across the nation.

On social media, citizens have been sharing racist, sexist, xenophobic, and misogynist attacks happening to them since Trump won the election. Day 1 of Trump America shows hate vandalism, reports by a principal of schools where children are chanting “Build the wall,” an incident of two people who drove through Wellesley College in a pickup Wednesday while waving a Trump flag, and uttered words and engaged in actions that were “racially offensive and gender demeaning.”

President-elect Trump tweeted last night at 6:19 pm the following:

At 9:19 pm, after many criticized him for threatening our constitutional right to protest, President-elect Trump tweeted:

Not everyone is protesting Trump’s win. One of the largest Ku Klux Klan groups in the country has announced a parade to celebrate President-elect Donald Trump’s win. The Loyal White Knights of Pelham, N.C., says on its website that its parade will take place on Dec. 3, reports The LA Times.




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  1. During the campaign, President elect Donald J. Trump refused to denounce the KKK when David Duke endorsed him. Is anyone really surprised by this?

    As I said in an earlier post . . . . “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

  2. You lost me at “Hillary won the popular vote”. The Electoral College was established to protect the minority! That includes the LGBT community. It’s 7th grade civics!!! At least it used to be. Does anyone want to be subject to what our Founding Fathers so aptly referred to as “the tyranny of the majority”? Half the country didn’t vote, who knows how it would work out if they did. I feel like Bill Maher…NEW RULE; if you don’t understand the Electoral College and our system of government you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
    Just get up everyday, wear what you want to wear, sleep with who you want to sleep with, eat what you want to eat, work where you want to work, and guess what? Everybody will be doing the same thing …they won’t even notice you and they certainly won’t care about what you are doing. Everyone is too busy with their own life to care. As for Trump…he hasn’t done anything yet so attaching him to any particular group is just Huffington Post fodder.

  3. Clinton got more votes than Trump but Trump won thanks to the Electoral College. But wasn’t the Electoral College born from the 3/5ths concept devised to protect the interests of slave owners? How could the Electoral College methodology still have significance or be acceptable in an election today?

    “The Electoral College is an embarrassment to our nation, and not just because it subverts the will of the voting majority. The Electoral College was designed to protect an evil American institution, slavery.”

  4. So it’s OK to protest and call for the assaination of the President elect and VP elect, vandalize Republican signs all over the country but the moment someone vandalizes your sign your feelings get hurt and you no longer feel safe?

    Lincoln also stated, “Let us at all times remember that all American citizens are brothers of a common country, and should dwell together in the bonds of fraternal feeling.”

  5. Austin cites a feel-good quote, as follows:
    Lincoln also stated, “Let us at all times remember that all American citizens are brothers of a common country, and should dwell together in the bonds of fraternal feeling.”
    Yet it took until 1920 to pass the 19th Amendment, and it took until 1964 of so to get rid of those “colored-only” drinking fountains. We still have a long way to go. Would you agree, Austin?

  6. She lost me at Huffington Post, which wasn’t going to even cover Trump and then tagged all the stories about him with its childish editor’s note. So this “hate crime” of writing a curse word – used about a million times per second on the internet – on a Hillary bumper sticker never happened to Trump signs or stickers? And as rioters dressed in the guise of protestors continue inflicting violence and damage across the US because they’re unhappy with the democratic process, we’re supposed to be moved to tears by a defaced bumper sticker? To quote President Obama, “Come on man.”

  7. HuffPo writer, how about this? Again, lots of nasty F-words being used, so I assume it’ll lead the website here and at HuffPo? I know it’s not a defaced sticker, but still…

    “Actress Lea DeLaria found herself in hot water after she wrote on Instagram that she wanted to “take out” Republicans and Independents with a baseball bat. DeLaria, best known for her role as Big Boo on “Orange Is the New Black,” shared a Leonard Bernstein quote on Instagram about responding to violence through music. She captioned the quote by suggesting a different response to voilence writing, “Or pick up a baseball bat and take out every f–king republican and independent I see. #f–ktrump #f–ktheGOP #f–kstraightwhiteamerica #f–kyourprivilege.”

  8. There is no way anyone can tolerate vandalizing someones car. I hope there were cameras in the parking lot. However it is the first incident I have seen that was focused on a Hillary supporter because frankly there are countless incidents against trump supporters. I watched a video today of three chicago youths pulling a trump supporter out of his car and savagely beating him. Anti trump protests have grown violent and the things being said are not only wrong, they are vile. It is perfectly OK to be unhappy and sad that the candidate you supported lost a key election. If you have made it through several presidential elections this has probably happened to you before. However we can all agree that attacking people and destroying their property is wrong period and not just when it is done to Hillary supporters. I totally get why people are upset Trump Won and I also Totally get how other folks are ecstatic that Hillary is not going to be president. We still have to respect other peoples views even if we don’t like them, this is a hallmark of freedom. Trump supporters are not all racists even if they overlooked some of the awful things he said. To paint them all with a racist brush is in of itself in fact racist. A vote for trump was not a vote for hate. All Hillary supporters do not support lying and criminal corrupt behavior even if they turned a blind eye to her suspect track record and the unethical behavior of her team. There are a myriad of other reasons why folks supported the candidates they supported. At the end of the day they were two terrible candidates and shame on america for nominating them both. The electoral process has spoken in this unique democracy and it was fair. Lets move forward and hope we are pleasantly surprised with the next President.

  9. Well, in perfect timing yet again, the NY Times yesterday was howling about the illegitimacy of the electoral college! Recall that when Clinton (William Jefferson) won twice and Obama (Barack) won twice, the Electoral College was spit-shined good for us all. And Constitutionally mandated. But I guess not yesterday morning, or the next four years.

    Thanks goodness my NYTimes subscription reminds me of a real pearl…As Groucho said, Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.

  10. “Austin cites a feel-good quote, as follows: Lincoln also stated, “Let us at all times remember that all American citizens are brothers of a common country, and should dwell together in the bonds of fraternal feeling.”
    Yet it took until 1920 to pass the 19th Amendment, and it took until 1964 of so to get rid of those “colored-only” drinking fountains. We still have a long way to go. Would you agree, Austin?”

    Yes Spiro, it took until 1964 or so to pass the Civil Rights Act, since it was shot down by Democrats 100 years earlier after the Civil War. The same Democrats that founded the KKK after Reconstruction…And I’m the bad guy.

  11. Those old school Democrats are long gone, Austin – they moved over to the GOP after the Civil Rights Laws kicked in. But you know that, right? Either way, have a good weekend.

  12. Milbarg – It doesn’t make you “the bad guy”. It is Trump who is the racist, sexist, misogynist pig. You just voted for him.

  13. Yes, you are correct (kinda). Those old school Dems are long gone, the last being Senator Byrd. You know, the guy Hillary praised as a great mentor and friend of hers. The same “old school dem” that joined the KKK and voted against the civil rights bill in the 60’s. But you knew that right? Thanks pal, have a great weekend too 🙂

  14. I don’t know what I don’t know, but the Northeast blaming the South is a very old tune. 9 of NJ’s 21 counties voted for Trump. All the “down the shore” counties except Atlantic (duh, Atlantic City) voted for Trump. If NJ had an Electoral College system for its counties, it would have been a much closer race in this State. All I’m simply saying is where do you want to vacation next Summer…and is that simpatico with what is being said today?

  15. PS: I love that our Governor was fired from his transition role. I guess his loss – and free time – will create its own little traffic jam with Mary Pat in their driveway.

  16. AustinDerpbarge, look up Nixon’s southern strategy. You have no idea what you’re talking about. And don’t make us start discussing the ledger in the right about civil rights, starting with the Voter ID laws.

    Also, feeling like a sucker yet? If not, it’s coming. Ha ha ha ha

  17. I’m sorry Mike, what am I looking at on this link to the Washington Joke? Is it the map painted red on the right?

  18. Exactly! It was ok for people to walk to the streets with profanity written on trump signs, oh but don’t let that happen to killary sign! Please! If the Dems are concerned they should have elected a better candidate! I’m a registered democrat who for a republican! Hey even some republicans voted for Killary!

  19. What you’re looking for is more backtracking by Trump and his team on campaign promises. Ha ha! He’s not even sworn in yet! Oh and this is on Fox News too, although it might not be on Stormfront yet.


  20. At some point you have to just say to yourself, America didn’t want Hillary, plain and simple. In the words of the late, great Gene Wilder, “You get nothing, you lose, good day sir!”

  21. Just look at all the low information underclass leftists beating and robbing anyone they perceive to be a Trump supporter. Look at Soros paying to bus in provocateurs. In the liberal leftist mind, anyone who disagrees with their rhetoric apparently deserves to be starved or stomped out. The violent, confrontational and unruly, foul mouthed crowds are always the anti-Trump and Hillary supporters. Holder said it on Real Time last Friday night, that they need to silence and blacklist anyone who is against them. Time for a paradigm shift.

  22. Flipside, thanks for the great link.

    While I’m deeply, deeply saddened by the results of this election, that link is a great reminder that we’re a Republic, not a direct Democracy, and that our founding fathers had good reason for setting up our system that way.

    While the outcome of this election may make those reasons seem ironic, it goes to show you how far ahead of their times they were, and how even MORE far ahead the Roman Republic that they based our current system off of was (Which existed from 500 BC to about 50 BC).

  23. nonfatwhip, after reading your hate-blinded bile-fest, I get it. You don’t like messy forms of protest. But I’ll be sure to ask you for your take on things when the Klan stages their victory march in North Carolina on December 3. I will expect you to complement them on not littering, and how crisp and clean their sheets looked. And if they lynch someone, I’ll expect you to praise the quality of rope they used, and the meticulous way they formed the slip knot.

  24. Hilarious to see “paradigm shift” used to describe an election in which the losing candidate will outpoll the winner by 2 percentage points.

    That sounds like a divided country to me. That sounds like a country that isn’t going to “unify” any time soon. And that SHOULD be ok, given that we are a free society. In the same way that Trump supporters demand that their voices heard, so do opponents. To see this expression as a bad thing is Un-American.

    But to run a divisive campaign and then complain that the country is divided is delusional…

  25. Just this moment finished watching interview w. Giuliani on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos”.

    Here is a man being seriously considered for US AG or other senior post in Trump’s administration.

    Political differences aside, dementia is creeping in. Fragmented speech, confusion, irritability, incoherent thoughts, lack of verbal restraint . . .

    Scary. Seriously!

  26. Spiro T. Quayle don’t be a HATER. People of both party’s revile hate groups like the KKK. Have you been watching the news????? It is amazing to me how so many people who value political correctness only seem to value it when things are going their way. There is nothing remotely Politically Correct about what has been happening in the streets of america and we can all agree that those are not Humpty Trumpty folks out there. There is also nothing wrong with protesting, it is very american. It is wrong however to parade without a permit, block traffic, destroy property, assault people because of their views, to make racists remarks about “white” people and others etc. Do me a favor, look up the word “liberal” in the dictionary and then explain to me how you are the tolerant one. I get it, you and many folks are upset. This may be a shock to you but everyone who doesn’t drink the liberal cool-aide is “not” a racist. Lets be fair – there is a reason why so many Humpty Trumpty supporters kept their political opinions and views in the closet. It is because people like you would start calling them all kinds of vile things. The word of choice is “Racist”. Folks should look up that word “Racist” too and stop branding people with differing views. Racism knows no color, creed or belief system, it comes in all forms. I would like to think you know that. I would like to believe that you also know there where a multitude of reasons to question the integrity of the candidate who lost that have nothing to do with hate or racism. She may yet find herself in legal trouble for her Pay to Play piggy bank. There is a laundry list of reasons why people voted for Humpty Trumpty or for Hillary that have nothing to do with racism or corruption yet the hate clearly is coming from the side that lost. When Humpty Trumpty does something that is Racist I will scream along with you but you can’t act like a racist and expect not to be called out for it. Bias is racism and even the NY Times has had a mia culpa and so can you!

  27. Communism. Dead. Socialism. Dead. Liberalism. Dead. Spiro, jcunning, and Mike91 – I get it, you hate America. You are anti-American and love Colin Kapernick. You dislike the Pledge of Allegiance because it states “in God we trust” Your true colors have shown through, your LOVE Bernie!

    As far as the KKK, they are a joke. I liken the current state of the Klan to the BLM, they are there, they make noise……but no one really cares.

  28. Austin, stop foaming, you’ll bust a blood vessel. I thought you’d stay mellow but you went off the chain. But look at it this way: I don’t have an eagle decal on the back of my truck, or a flag on my lawn 24/7/365, but I am glad to vote in every election, I pay my taxes, I run my business ( and therefore create jobs) , I volunteer for worthwhile local and environmental causes, and my wife and I succeeded in raising our kids to be honest, ethical, hard working, good citizens. I also value the secularism of our Founders. I have good friends and family clear across the political spectrum. I’ll continue to do my share as an American citizen till my end of days, as I was raised that way, and wish to continue my parent’s legacy. You’ll just be an unremarkable footnote screaming about a flag on your sleeve, a footnote that I wasted my time corresponding with on Baristanet at one point along the way.
    And, hey – bones80s, perhaps you can redirect your ‘don’t be a hater’ sermon over to AustinM over there in the corner once he calms down. Why not show us your fair-mindedness by doing so, bones. Go ahead. It won’t hurt.

  29. I find many of the comments on here interesting. In my opinion this should disturb you, regardless of your political beliefs. Whether it was a Hillary or Trump sticker no one has the right to deface someone else’s property, and especially in such an offensive way. If you disagree with what is on the bumper sticker, put a bumper sticker with the opposing view on your own car, don’t deface someone else’s. That is the American way. Even more disturbing to me is that it occurred after the election. Instead of being magnanimous in victory whoever did this was hateful and bitter.

  30. Spiro, Spiro, Spiro – it’s ok to be a Commie, I get it. You grew up in an era where you spat on our soldiers returning from Vietnam and more than likely degrade them now. Shake a hand of a soldier or police officer once in a while, tell them you value them and thank them for their service keeping you and your “good friends and family clear across the political spectrum” safe.

    I am as calm as can be, and for good reason. We won! The point of this post was how someone feels “unsafe” because they wrote an obscene gesture on a bumper sticker. Unsafe? Move to Chicago, Newark, Philly, East Orange, Compton then tell me how “unsafe” you feel. Sometimes people need to put their big boy pants and have a seat at the table with the adults. Stop the whining, head back to work, head back to class, take your exams and stop the rioting. They are not even protesting, they are rioting because they lost and you support that, just sad. The idea’s you represent are dying if not dead. I wish you the best my friend, leave Baristaville sometimes and explore the real world 😉

  31. That was straight out of “Few Good Men” and Jack’s “you can’t handle the truth” thing. On the flip side, the Democrats have been acting like Tom Cruise. Enjoy the honeymoon.

  32. Austin, I wish you the best as well. But, I’d be hard pressed to describe myself as a Commie (your word ) . After all, I use the same depreciation and carried interest provisions on my rural NJ real estate holdings as Trump does, I own those buildings in a corporate name, just like Trump. Yes, I know, Trump does it far better. But I keep at it. However, I also welcome local business groups to use my parking areas, free of charge, to benefit the townsfolk. Once some good neighbors held a monster truck parade across the lot for a local kid who was ill and wheelchair bound. I was glad to let them use the lot for the event – the kid had little else to look forward to, and, sadly, died soon after. I know the cops in that town very well and we have pleasant chats over coffee – when neither they or I are in a rush to go to work. By the way, your assumption that I ever accosted a cop at any time in my life was ridiculous. Furthermore, your assumption that I’ve never spent time in ‘bad areas’ was based solely on your imagination. I grew up in NYC, went to a high school in a rough area, and, later, collected rents from poor tenants in redlined areas before I could afford more lucrative real estate holdings. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay here in liberal, secular, increasingly wealthy Baristaville. Or, as deadeye likes to call it, ‘the swamp’.

  33. montclairbrian – Spot on, could not agree more. Spiro T. Quayle & AustinMilbarg my so called “sermon” applies to both of you. Stop the rhetoric and the hate. Somebody is always going to be upset with the results of a presidential election and the last several have been painful because everyone is so dug in on their side – literal trench warfare. This county and for that matter the entire tri-state area is decidedly left of center and people being excited about trump is hard for the masses to take. Just remember, there were people heartbroken and feeling left out and devoid of hope, if not completely outnumbered, after the current president was re-elected the second time. He has done some wildly unpopular things and has proven to be quite devisive in the minds of many. When we are the majority, we lose some sensitivity to the feelings of others, it is human nature. You may not think of the rt side of the fence as a minority nationally but around here they are. It is not an excuse, it is simply reality and sometimes a shock or a little dose of humility is not a bad thing. Embracing an unfavorable outcome in the minds of many of us, reflecting on it and some good soul searching can only lead to better understanding that benefits everyone. Acting out and having a temper tantrum or worse is less than helpful.

  34. <i.Communism. Dead. Socialism. Dead. Liberalism. Dead. Spiro, jcunning, and Mike91 – I get it, you hate America.

    Ha ha ha, no I get it! When you can no longer argue points, you resort to questioning people’s patriotism. How fascist! It’s my own fault for engaging with someone who thinks calling someone a commie is making a point.

    ou dislike the Pledge of Allegiance because it states “in God we trust”

    The pledge of allegiance says, “under God.” You can’t even get your dumb insults right.

    Unsafe? Move to Chicago, Newark, Philly, East Orange, Compton then tell me how “unsafe” you feel.

    Or take a look at the link I posted. We elected the candidate endorsed by the racist xenophobes. Do we wonder why the racist xenophobes feel empowered?

    The idea’s you represent are dying if not dead.

    You wish. Actually, maybe you really think so, which is scarier.

  35. Hopefully Austin represents the future in this swamp where liberal ideology once had a stranglehold.

    Me too, deadeye, if this is all ya got.

  36. One point re popular vote vs electoral college. HRC failed to energize in an election where a non-vote was essentially a vote for DT (especially in the crucial swing states). You might as well tack those non-votes on to DTs popular vote count.

    I’ll have more on the market reaction later but the bear steepener in rates continues.

  37. “OOOOOH, can’t wait. It’s lunchtime, and I am not having a sandwich, which is the same thing as having a salad.”

    If the unambiguous result of your electing not to have a sandwich is someone taking a few fist fulls of salad and shoving them down your throat than yes its the same thing as having a salad.

  38. If you are saying that Hillary didn’t turn out as many people and that contributed to her loss, especially in the midwest, then fine. But to say to add those votes to Trump’s vote count is dumb. Of the people that voted, more preferred Hillary. They were just in the wrong places. This may seem like a minor point, but it is important.

  39. Milbarg – After all the ranting and raving here, your conspicuously myopic comment, ”They are not even protesting, they are rioting because they lost“, fails to grasp a more cogent point.

    Protests / riots are occurring not because a member of the opposition party was voted into the white House. These events are happening because a racist, sexist, misogynist, who ran a campaign that was wrought out of divisiveness and fear mongering, was voted into the White House. Surely even you can grasp this fundamental difference.

    Not one of the other GOP candidates, had they won, would have prompted this kind of reaction. You do know that, don’t you? Or you naive enough to think it is strictly driven by party affiliation?

    I suggest that rather than advocating that it’s “time for a paradigm shift (such a predictable platitude to espouse), give some considerable thought to what is actually fueling the protests. That may give you some insight into the matter.

  40. Of course it’s nothing new. Civil disobedience is part of our history, thank God! But don’t tell Milbarg. He may pull a Sen. Joseph McCarthy on you.

  41. Civil disobedience is part of our history, when it came to human/civil rights, etc., not because you are on the losing end of an election. I understand why people are “afraid” of Donald Trump. He’s not a politician and he has no loyalty to lobbyist and special interest groups. People are afraid they can longer use the bathroom they “identify” with (does that make me a ______?). People are afraid of getting ripped out of the homes and deported back to their country (sans Elian Gonzalez via the Clinton’s). People think he is the Boogey man and it’s sad and funny at the same time.

    Again, these kids and professional protestors need to man up. I’ve spent the last 8 years waiting for this awful administration to leave so I could be represented again (yea, yea, say it…You want to be represented by a sexist, racist..yada..yada..yada) But that’s exactly my point again and why Hillary lost. Forget the Popular vs Electoral votes, that system was put in place for exactly this reason like it or not.

    I’ve given thought to what’s fueling the protest and I don’t agree. Does that make me (insert adjective here)? If he is all those things you claim he is, how did he get elected? You really believe 62 million people are that blind?

    At the end of the day, I can agree to disagree. Nothing said on these forums change my view and nor do I believe anything I say changes anyone’s. I have no problem with protests, I have problems with riots and double standards. Silverleaf, I would never compare you to McCarthy, that would be an insult to McCarthy 😉

  42. Civil disobedience is part of our history, when it came to human/civil rights, etc., not because you are on the losing end of an election.

    Putting aside the fact that this is not the reason for the protests, how about we let protesters decide the reasons they want to protest. What do you care, anyway?

    He’s not a politician and he has no loyalty to lobbyist and special interest groups.

    Ha ha ha ha ha! I’m going to write a macro that just types “Suckers!” Saves me some time.

    People are afraid they can longer use the bathroom they “identify” with (does that make me a ______?).

    Again, not sure your point here. You want to be “anti-transgender”? Go right ahead! The consequences of what you say are yours, not mine. Or are you not anti-trangender, and somehow pro-transgender at the same time? You’re Schrödinger’s bigot!

  43. Milbarg – I stopped reading after the first sentence. If you are anything, you are exasperating. Congratulations!

  44. I’m not anti-transgender, I’m pro-normal 🙂 Silverleaf, thank you for not reading my post anymore, you were the only reason I was still replying to this post. Adios, hombre!

  45. “Pro-normal”? I’m unfamiliar with that term. Enlighten us, if you would. What exactly is the definition of that term?

  46. I can see how you dont understand “normal”. “Normal” as in what you are born as. I have nothing against trans people, i just dont believe the hype. Your born a man, your a man and vice versa.

    There, i said it. Now lets hear your rant about how i am anti-trans. It will just prove my point that when liberals spew that others should be tolerant of their views, the same is not extended to the right. In a liberals warped mind, your either with them or against them. Commical.

  47. Exactly, “what you are born as” . . . though not physiologically, but in terms of identification. I know that your your small little parochial mind can’t conceive of such a thing, but if you can sit still long enough to watch this, you might, just might, learn something about gender norms and find some room for compassion in your heart.

  48. Sorry, my public school non-bleeding heart just doesn’t have the time to watch the video, im sure its cute. You want to identify as Mickey Mouse, identify as Mickey Mouse. The rest of the world see’s you as is. But you still prove my point that liberals ade only tolerant of their own views, not others.

    Now, as i began this new, wonderful rainy day, ill let you have the last word so we can end this thread and move on to other topics to disagree about.

  49. There, i said it. Now lets hear your rant about how i am anti-trans.

    “I just said an anti-trans thing. But don’t call me anti-trans!” Do you see how idiotic you sound? (hint: I’m not betting on it).

  50. Actually no i dont. Is what i said any different that saying im pro-life? Does that make me anti-choice or make you anti-life?

  51. Actually no i dont. Is what i said any different that saying im pro-life? Does that make me anti-choice or make you anti-life?

    Come on man, no one is this thick. If you say something “anti-abortion,” you’re anti-abortion. Good for you! If you say something anti-trans, you’re anti-trans!

    The only difference is, for some reason you can’t admit that one.

  52. flip – It’s not that I sit around spending my time thinking about gender issues, but I do watch a lot of PBS. I saw this docu recently and found it compelling, especially in light of the fact that it’s primarily taken from the adolescent POV. These kids are in an incredible amount of pain and it is real.

    As for milberg’s baiting, that was easy. It is exactly the response that I had anticipated . . . “Normal as in what you are born as”, as though the mere thought of anything occurring outside of his narrow perspective is an impossibility. He dismisses trangenderism as “hype.” How blatantly dismissive and disrespectful. If only he would take the time to watch the docu and hear it directly from those who are suffering.

    What a pathetic, closed minded little fellow he is, that milberg.

  53. Liberals play symantecs, if someone is “pro” something, well they must be “anti” that. I dont play those games. Just because i dont agree with something, doesnt mean i wouldnt give you the shirt off my back if you need it. I wouldnt turn my back on another human because i disagree with a lifestyle, nor does it make me evil.

    We are fundamentally on opposing political spectrums but i would still break bread with ya pal. Ill even buy the first round when your ready…

  54. Austin, ultimately the question is, do you support laws that require a transsexual person use the bathroom of their birth gender?

    Because, you say that you would give someone the shirt off your back if they needed it. Regardless of lifestyle or politics, you won’t turn your back on another human.

    The transsexual community is asking you for something they need, and it inconveniences you far less than losing the shirt off your back. These are human beings who are hurting, who feel degraded and humiliated by being forced to use a particular bathroom. Are we going to help these people live lives free from harassment and degradation, or not?

  55. I do and i dont, ill explain. Unfortunately there will be some people who take advantage of this issue. The question is how do we keep children safe in bathrooms when someone who phyiscally looks like the opposite sex but identifies internally as another are in the same room. There are predators out there and how do we weed them out? With that being said, i really dont have a problem with it.

  56. wow – This has gotten of point but i have thoughts on this subject. I can’t imagine what it is like to be anatomically male or female and yet completely identify as the opposite sex. I have no doubt that is painful and frankly I don’t have to imagine I just have to empathize and be inclusive. Having said that, I am a single parent and I have a 12.5 yr old daughter and I won’t apologize for not wanting a grown anatomically correct man to use the bathroom with her. It is simply inappropriate and I have all sorts of concerns about it and many of them are not sexual in nature. That does not make me a hater, a racist or intolerant. It makes me a parent who cares about my daughters feelings and her own well being, non transgenders have rights too. How does one balance the two. If you have a penis you are a man even if you identify as a woman and you should you use the mens room or a unisex bathroom and yes I know that presents incredible difficulties for transgenders in public locations. We need to be sensitive to the rights of transgenders but we also have to be sensitive to the rights of non-transgenders. This is quite a quandary. It is no fair to label anyone. I am not a racist for not wanting anatomically correct males in ladies rooms or showers with my daughter. From my parental perspective this is common sense and if it makes anyone feel better to call me a hater or a racist then so be it.

  57. Is there any reason to believe that transgendered people are more likely to be predators than the random people we already allow to have unsupervised bathroom time with our children?

    Playing devil’s advocate and saying “yes, there is reason to believe that”, transgender bathroom laws only serve to place the predators in bathrooms with a different set of children.

    Bottom line, if you want to protect your kids from pedos in bathrooms, you need to go into the bathroom with them, or outlaw multi-stall bathrooms.

  58. Well said. As a parent, you shouldnt have to worry about who or what is standing next to your child in a bathroom. Unfortunately there are people who will take advantage. And unfortunately liberals will label you if your voice is different then theirs. Apparently evenone else has rights when they want change, , but people that dont comply are racist, sexist, misogynistic, which is not the case.

  59. bonas80s – As a parent, I understand your concerns. They are both real and legitimate. Personally, I am still wrestling with all of the implications and safety issues surrounding the concept of shared rest room utilization. That said, my intent for posting the docu was to raise consciousness and offer enlightenment. I hope it accomplished those goals.

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