Friends of the Bonsal Preserve Meeting to Discuss Sewer Line and Pathogen Study of Passaic River


Bonsal Preserve

The Friends of the Bonsal Preserve will host a public meeting on Saturday, December 10 at 9 am to strategize about how the Friends of Bonsal will coordinate oversight of Clifton’s upcoming sewer line relocation project. If you’re interested in taking part in ensuring that the effort goes well for the Preserve, email here for details.

Also to be discussed is Montclair Township’s latest study in partnership with Montclair State’s Passaic River Institute measuring pathogens in the tributary that feeds the Third River midway through the Preserve.

This is an initiative picking up on the Friends of Bonsal’s study last year that found inordinately high levels at two points in Montclair’s waters; and at multiple points upstream of the Preserve along the Third River, coming from leaks in Clifton’s sewer line. This recent study found alarmingly high fecal coliform levels – instances of up to ten times last year’s readings, and a hundred times levels acceptable for secondary contact. That is, contact with skin. Montclair is now deliberating about whether to follow through with DNA testing, to find out if this source is also human.





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