Winner, Winner, Where to Get a Fried Chicken Dinner

fried chicken dinner
Fried Chicken at Turtle + The Wolf. (Photo: Sharon Sevrens)

With New Year’s coming up and losing weight and eating healthy a common resolution, we say whatever. We’re craving comfort food and fried chicken dinner is on the menu.

Here’s where to get a fried chicken dinner in Baristaville:

fried chicken dinner

Turtle + The Wolf (622 Valley Road, Montclair) offers its popular Lo’s Fried Chicken as a “large format dinner.” The $45 per person fried chicken dinner must reserved 72 hours in advance and comes with a green salad, 3 seasonal side dishes, biscuits, and family style desserts. Reservations 973.783.9800.

fried chicken dinner

Raymond’s (28 Church Street, Montclair) serves up fried chicken dinner every Wednesday night.

fried chicken

Montclair’s newest restaurant, Bluff City BBQ (21 Midland Avenue) has fried chicken drizzled with a black pepper, garlic, and honey sauce on its daily menu.

fried chicken

Urban Chicken (42 Glenridge Avenue, Montclair) offers delicious fried chicken, wings, and other comfort food for take out or delivery.

fried chicken

Egan’s Saloon (104 Harrison Avenue, West Orange) serves up its Chef’s Special Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and coleslaw everyday.

fried chicken

Bonchon (553 North Franklin Avenue, Nutley) a popular chain in NYC serves up Korean-style fried chicken locally.

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  1. You culturally deprived connoisseurs have failed miserably. The best fried chicken comes from Jefferson’s Cafe in Montclair. And you don’t have to order it 72hrs in advanced you don’t have to pay $45.00 per person unless you are brain dead.

  2. biggest is right. Service is not great at Jefferson’s however the food (not only the fried chicken – my favorite) is consistently awesome.

  3. I love Ruthies in Montclair (the best onion rings and french fries too) and in NYC, Spoonbread and Strawberry Wine where the delicious fried chicken is accompanied by outrageously delicious pecan waffels… (I am biased however because I love my old time Montclair friends Ruthie and the Darden Sisters. I also think it would be fun to serve Popeye’s Chicken Strips and Proscecco for a brunch party at home. I loved going to Popeyes at the Lackawanna Station…it was fun! I haven’t been in a while though… is it still there?

  4. Maybe hit us with an unbiased opinion instead, no on asked about NYC joints, we’ll assume the Popeye’s comment was a joke. Lets stay on topic here folks.

  5. The Soul Food Factory is EXCELLENT… they also are great at catering events….

    McDonalds in Orange, (not the fast food) has excellent genuine food but I don’t remember if they have fried chicken … You have to brave the ongoing arguments of the guys selling dvds out front… (the customers are served from behind bullet proof glass)

  6. East Orange has some gems, like the Halal Chinese Food spot on Main and the Jamaican food on Central, but it does not have good BBQ.

    Regarding McDonalds BBQ in Orange, I have to cringe when I hear people refer to it as BBQ, let alone “really good BBQ”. It’s dry, largely unsanitary and does not resemble any traditional American BBQ that I have ever had. If one never ventured outside the urban rustbelt, I can understand. But, proper BBQ is to be had South of the Mason Dixon line and not in New Jersey. It just isn’t. Most people in this area think BBQ is what you get at one of those Portugese “BBQ” spots in Newark with the rotisserie chicken and sauce packets.

    Frank, I never found the Popeye’s in Lackawanna Plaza to be much “fun”, but I appreciate the fact that you can find some enjoyment in even the most depressing and aggravating environments. That’s a gift.

  7. Lackawanna Plaza holds a precious memory for me from childhood and thats probably why I enjoyed Popeyes. (I also like the red murals) I used the train every day for a year or two while it was still in service to get to Montclair Academy. (early 70s) It was like a living time capsule. It was a reverse commute and I was basically alone on the old wooden interior trains. What was most eerie was the atmosphere that was abandoned and frozen in time….disused, empty and without people. Once there was a big snowstorm and I had to stay at the Marlborough Inn. You can never forget those atmospheres. Totally Addams family… Edward Hooper, Norman Rockwell and Reginald Marsh. (Marsh summered in Essex Fells)
    When Charlie Browns came to town, there really weren’t other restaurants where you would go… there was the Clairemont Diner, a few pizzerias, Crocketts, some other small lunceonettes, Grunnings, the Wedgewood…Louvises…then you’d go to Applegates…
    I don’t remember good fried chicken back then, but I do remember the live chicken store on Bloomfield Ave near to Crocketts and Wolinsky’s… with the live chickens dancing around in the bright yellow store window. There was fried fish from Crocketts but I don’t remember fried chicken as a specialty anywhere in town.

  8. Another great place in East Orange… They have great chicken dishes. I’ll go back soon to ask about fried chicken! One of my favorites for delicious Guyanese comfort food. The fresh Sorrel and Ginger drinks are fabulous. I’ve had excellent chicken here with roti & curry…the meat patties are excellent… Very serene and friendly.

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