Montclair Remembers and Mourns Sarah Butler

Montclair Remembers and Mourns Sarah ButlerAfter the devastating news that Sarah Butler‘s body was found in an area of Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange yesterday, the Montclair community is grieving for the young woman and trying to support her family, friends and loved ones.

Montclair’s Mayor, Robert Jackson says, “I am saddened beyond words. Of course, the Township will dedicate any resource to offer support and bring some sense of closure to her loved ones. I will continue to lift up family, friends, and our community in fervent prayer.”

Butler was a former lifeguard at the YMCA of Montclair and they are grieving as well. Jo Ann Short, the President/CEO, shared this message she sent to the community with us here:

Some of you may have heard that one of our former employees, Sarah Butler, who was a lifeguard at the Park Street Branch of the YMCA of Montclair, went missing on Tuesday, November 22. When we learned from this morning’s news that her body was found in West Orange, we were devastated. As a 20 year old college student, she had a bright and promising future ahead of her. The mystery behind her disappearance and ultimate loss of life is unsettling.

Her family is grieving and we pray for answers so their healing can begin. They are active members with us and part of our Y family. Sarah’s passing is a reminder to us all that life is precious and should never be taken for granted.

High school classmates and friends have taken to social media to express both their grief and their memories of Sarah, many sharing pictures and videos of her engaged in dance; she had recently performed at the Apollo Theater.

Some Art I made for a very good person.

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Friends have sent up a GoFundMe page to help Sarah’s family.

Readers are invited to share their memories and condolences in comments.

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