Wade Maxx Gallery and Mary Marino Present Puttin’ on the Dog Benefit For Montclair Animal Shelter

BY  |  Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016 8:00am

Puttin' on the Dog

Wade Maxx Gallery (618 Valley Road, Montclair), along with Jewels by Mary Marino, are hosting Puttin’ on the Dog, a holiday party and benefit for the Montclair Animal Shelter on December 15 from 5 pm – 8pm.

Maino will show her latest holiday jewels in collaboration with the Cohen Brothers. That’s Chuck Cohen (a local artist) and Joel Cohen (a Baltimore artist). The brothers are identical twins who Marino says share a similar sense of humor and individual talent.

Joel Cohen paints abstract interpretations in acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Many of his subjects have four legs and big hearts. Chuck Cohen creates collages that will make you laugh out loud. Dogs. Cats. People…

Proceeds from  the evening will go to the Montclair Animal Shelter, which is rebuilding after a fire badly damaged their facility.




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And we can get this project completed in time for Montclair's sesquicentennial when we can stick a fork into historic preservation as a public policy.

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