Letter to the Editor: A Letter to Congressman Frelinghuysen From a Constituent

letter to the editorJonathan M. Redwine of West Orange, shares this letter to Congressman Frelinghuysen, which he plans to deliver in person at the Congressman’s Morristown office today:

Dear Congressman Frelinghuysen:

I thought I would take a few minutes to write to you this evening to make sure that you have heard the multiple requests for information from you regarding recent and pending political events.  I write to ask that you, within the next month, appear publicly at a Town Hall meeting in your district.

Your constituents have, for weeks now, been petitioning your office via phone, email, letter, and in person to ask when you will host or attend a Town Hall meeting.  These people, whom you purport to represent, wish to discuss with you the current political climate and the very important political decisions you and your colleagues in the congress have been contemplating and making in recent weeks.   I am interested to understand what the Republican representatives in congress plan to propose to replace the imminent repeal of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA” aka ObamaCare).  We see that over recent years, Republicans in congress have repeatedly attempted to repeal the ACA, and I believe that our leaders must have thought of what, if anything, will replace healthcare for millions of Americans who have come to depend on it.

We are entitled to know what is planned to replace health insurance for so many who will lose it when the ACA is repealed.  And we have been asking.  Voters in your district visit your office every week to ask about this.  We call every day.  We write letters and receive responses from your office containing meaningless boilerplate explanations that do not respond to our specific questions.  Surely you agree that you, our representative in Congress, must respond directly to the voters, particularly when they stand together asking the same question time and again over the course of weeks and months.

Why, when we call your office do we uniformly receive the same reply from your staff, no matter what the question: “I have not had an opportunity to discuss that issue with the Congressman.  Please leave your name and contact information.”  And when we ask to speak with a person who focuses on healthcare or some other particular topic, we are placed on a polite hold for a few seconds and then told, “That person is in a meeting at the moment and I am not sure when he will be available to speak.”  Your staff is very polite and well trained.  You, however, because of the way you give your constituents the run-around, are a disgrace.  Please know that our determination to closely follow and publicize the political decisions that you make will not wane and that we will grow more determined and more vocal as the days and weeks wear on.  I look forward to seeing you soon at a public meeting where we may discuss these and other issues further.

Yours truly,
Jonathan Redwine


  1. Bravo! And since Rep. Frelinghuysen won’t address the issues at hand, the people of the 11th district need to organize and make sure we give him a run for his money (literally – and he has plenty).

    Scott Garrett losing his long time seat in November is proof that New Jersey voters will punish our representatives who ally themselves with the far right wing of the Republican Party – which Frelinghuysen has done with Trump.

    Is there any talk yet of who might be running against him in 2018?

  2. The 11th district is mostly Morris County with Upper Montclair and a piece of West Orange. Pretty sure his seat is safe.

  3. Wouldn’t be so sure, flipside. Morris went to Hillary in the last election by a hair–it’s not as red as it used to be.

    And just wait until Frelinghuysen’s constituents realize that he supports Paul Ryan’s “Better Way” plan, which is going to raise NJ taxes out of proportion to the rest of country by eliminating the state and local tax deduction.

    He used to be a moderate Republican who represented our district reasonably well. But in the last few years, he’s sold us out to Paul Ryan.

  4. People who think Trump is the far right wing of the Republican Party, don’t know Trump or the Republican Party.

  5. You’re right, flipside. I miswrote. Not Morris, Frelinghuysen’s district went for Hillary by a hair. And the district is what counts.

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