New Year’s Resolutions of Baristaville For 2017

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New Year's Resolutions

This week, millions of Americans are deciding on a New Year’s resolution to make. We asked locals if they were making a resolution in 2017 and, if so, what it was. See what your neighbors are planning to do to better themselves in the new year:

Essex County Freeholder Brendan Gill has a few goals in 2017: 

“Every year I make some personal and private resolutions with my family.  Lose 20lbs…Read 24 books ( 2 per month) and spend more time with my family.  They continue to be a work in progress! But my resolution to all that list continues to work to be a better Dad, son, husband and as always strive for world peace.”


Maya Stein, Co-owner of The Creativity Caravan, says she likes the idea of resolutions, but:

in practice, they tend to be set-ups for failure. So, instead, I ask myself “How do I want to feel?” which not only allows some flexibility and variation in the answer, but invites a gentleness and spaciousness to the effort of achievement. It is so natural to want something to change in the New Year – or more precisely, to improve. But that’s easier said than done, and no matter what, it’s a process. So that question, “How do I want to feel?” recognizes there’s a space between here and there, and honors the journey that is inevitably a part of bridging that distance. So here’s how I want to feel in 2017: engaged, involved, alert, awake, receptive, and responsive to my surroundings.


Jon Bonesteel of Laptop Upcycle, wants to grow the organization to help Montclair students: “I resolve to get free laptops and wifi into the hands of every local student who doesn’t have access to them/it. We’ve given out 34 already and ask you to help us meet my resolution. Go online here to see how. I don’t want to fail.”

Sharon Gill, Real Estate Broker at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, has several goals and a great way to keep them with a visual reminder. She displays these sticky notes on her kitchen wall so they are the first thing she sees every morning:

new year's resolution
Fourth Ward Councilor Renee Baskerville resolves to improve life in Montclair and the country:

I resolve to do all that I can in 2017 to make Montclair an attractive, welcoming, supportive, effective and efficient Township in which to live, work, engage in commerce, recreate, worship and serve. I am especially looking forward to using my new position on the Economic Development Committee  to ensure an equitable balance between business and neighborhood development in Montclair, focusing always on creating the most livable, welcoming and supportive, environmentally friendly  neighborhoods for the residents of this Township and those we wish to attract and retain in our great Township. I resolve also to do everything that I can to change the tenor and tone of political debate, public discourse and engagement in this Township, the State of New Jersey,  and the Nation. I will continue to host block association, neighborhood and community  meetings and engage residents from the Fourth Ward and every Ward in the Township. The healing of those in this Township, the State and the Nation following nearly two years of the most offensive, hateful, vitriolic, bigoted, diatribes by public and private officials and those seeking public office, requires affirmative healing actions.  These are scary and deeply disturbing times in which the Department of Justice Community Relations Service reports in its budget request for 2017 an increase in  hate crimes based on race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and disability, as well as increased campus and community-based conflicts and violence related to racism, sexism, classism, ableism, ageism, heterosexism, micro-aggressionism, and faithism. I resolve to continue advancing my ideas and to encouraging and integrating those of others into the best agenda for Moving Montclair 4Ward as One.


Jodie Dawson, Co-owner of Java Love, isn’t making any resolutions: “I’ve totally given up on resolutions. Maybe I’m old and know better than to set myself up for disappointment. I use the new year as a time of reflection. A time to look back and see what my successes and failures were and then to look ahead to see what I could work on to do better for myself, my family and the people on my world.”


Nicky Mesiah, Owner of Miss Nicky’s Gourmet Toffee & BFEcookies has career goals:

My ultimate resolution is to sell or, lease my vegan/glutenfree BFEcookie recipe.  BFE’s, originally created for uber-health conscious Bobbi Brown-(hence, the “Vegan-Bobbi” cookie), BFE=Butterless.Flourless.Eggless & cholesterol-free have helped me reach my weight-loss goal and I will continue to help others reach theirs!  Having recently presented to Whole Foods & others, I’m getting quite close to my goal.  The dream would be to have an agreement with a Weight Watchers, Buffalo Bills & major sports teams, as well as grocery. For me, it’s all about healthy lifestyle.


Architect and historian Frank Gerard Godlewski has a simple and lovely resolution: “My New Year’s resolution is to feel more gratitude.”


Marlene Lewis, owner of Sunshine Sam, is making a goal to have more self-care:

I recently read a quote that said, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” It really resonated with me. This past year, more than any other, I’ve emptied my cup many times over. My family and work are always a priority that overshadow everything else. I make plans and schedules, but I always feel like I’m flying by the seat of pants! This is going to be the year where I really take care of myself. I want my cup to be FULL! Sunshine Sam may be closed at 5:30 pm, but the work on an independently owned and growing business never ends.

In 2017, I’m going to look at self-care through a different lens. Sleep, exercise, eating well, pampering myself a bit and spending time with friends and family needs to be the fuel that keeps Sunshine Sam running and enables me to be a better wife, mother and friend. Shoeing-away those guilty feelings and saying “no” will be hard, but it’s got to happen.


Andrea Panico, owner and designer of PICO Design, wants to make more time to connect: “In 2017 I really want to spend more time with my friends, near and far. It’s so easy to get lost in work and in family responsibilities, but spending an hour or two with friends can be totally balancing, empowering and therapeutic.”


Omni Kitts Ferrara, owner of Yoga Mechanics, resolves to write more: “I’ve been working on a collection of contemplations to gather into a mindfulness book. So my resolution is a to write everyday. Something. To get my thoughts on paper. Even if I am in the midst of chaos.”


Selma Avdicevic, Co-Owner of the Montclair Pop-Up, has 4 goals for 2017:

1) Be present in the moment. That, in my case, means less social media and more physical contact with my family and friends.
2) Be supportive in word and deed of all the Nasty Women in my life. And make sure they are connected with each other.
3) See a place (town, country, beach, mountain, etc.) I’ve never seen before.
4) Make sure to take my kids and my husband with me on all the above journeys.


Joan Ricci, Co-Owner of Raymond’s, wants to be more productive: “I think my New Year’s resolution needs to be to stop procrastinating, which I hope to do some time before March!”


Montclair Councilor-At-Large Bob Russo, along with his wife Christine, wants to work on helping the homeless: “We do make New Year’s resolutions, but find we often don’t follow up throughout the whole year!  This year we vow to assist the homeless in our Montclair & Bloomfield area, and devote more energy, time & resources to helping MESH!”


Anna Coy, owner of Blooms in Hand, resolves to grow her business:
I try not to make resolutions I’ll feel bad about not achieving! There’s the usual eating healthy, getting fit, and more sleep but I’m going to actively try to unplug more in 2017! I have a baby now and she certainly deserves my full attention.
Professionally I’m going to strive to have my Blooms in Hand floral business grow into a new space somewhere nearby. I am just so grateful to all of my amazing clients, flower senders, and flower recipients I’ve been fortunate enough meet and work with in the last 6 months! I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store!


Are you making a New Year’s resolution? Take our poll and tell us what you hope to do in 2017:




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