A Snowy and Cold Weekend

BY  |  Friday, Jan 06, 2017 12:15pm


(Photo: Laura Torchio)

We were greeted with a bit of snow this morning and more is on the way making it a snowy, but more significantly, cold weekend ahead. A “winter storm watch” has been issued for parts of New Jersey with more snow expected tomorrow morning, but our area is likely to just get another inch or so.

The cold temperatures will put more of a damper on your weekend activities, with high only expected in the mid-20s and lows down to 13°, with a “real Feel” of 5°.

Residents should note, if you plan to put out your Christmas Tree for collection, the Township wont pick it up if it becomes buried in snow.

Based on the photo taken by Montclair resident Laura Torchio, some people are happy to have the wintery weather. Others have been enjoying our mild temps and snow-less winter so far. Where do you stand? Snowy winter or a spring-like season?



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