THING-ONE Does Its Thing at Montclair’s Wellmont Theater

thing1Montclair has music venues of all shapes and sizes, but The Wellmont Theater is a stage you only get to play when your band has made it. And THING-ONE has made it.

The band started in Spen Miles’ Glen Ridge basement, and after paying their dues at venues like Tierney’s Tavern, the now-defunct Bloomfield Avenue Cafe, local house parties and gigs at Montclair State, THING-ONE will be at the Wellmont on Saturday, February 25, opening for The Gin Blossoms.

“To be playing the Wellmont, a venue we grew up going to, will be pure glory,” says THING-ONE co-founder Joey Palestina, who remembers being in the crowd for The Flaming Lips, The National and Steely Dan—“They were all epic Wellmont shows.”

thing2Palestina started playing with Miles in the summer of 2003, and they put together a musically omnivorous sound that has evolved over years of playing and recording. Their initial music included hip-hop and jazz elements, and their latest EP, the three-track Fair Weather Friends, puts dance-rock beats under big melodies and hooks.

“We just released the new EP, and to perform that in front of a friends and family will be powerful,” says Palestina of the chance to play the material at the Wellmont. “Local shows are great because of the energy we get from fans.”

Palestina, Miles and the rest of THING-ONE are currently working on a video for “Nice Wife,” one of the songs on Fair Weather Friends, along with a short documentary about the band. And Palestina says the band is “also working on an album to released sometime within the next year.”

THING-ONE is at The Wellmont Theater on February 25, 8pm; get info and tickets here.

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