Move To Make Montclair A Sanctuary City Gains Momentum

Montclair rallied in favor of making Montclair a Sanctuary City on Saturday. The rally took place at the “peace” corner of Church and Bloomfield and was organized by Gretchen MacBryde.

On PLANETCIVIC, support for a proposal to declare Montclair a Sanctuary City is the platform’s #1 initiative.

And tomorrow, (Tuesday, Feb. 7) civic action is planned for the next town council meeting. John Gutierrez has organized a group to attend the Montclair town council meeting (more than 135 have indicated they will attend) to tell Mayor Jackson and the members of the Town Council that Montclair must be a Sanctuary City offering protection to targeted communities. In addition to packing the house, Gutierrez is also encouraging people to speak during public comment.

The Montclair Immigration Network and an immigration group from Blue Wave have worked together to formulate a roadmap for declaring Montclair a Sanctuary City, and hope to share their ideas at the town council meeting. In a comment on PLANETCIVIC, Serges Demefack, a leading member of the Montclair Immigration Network, says “We have forwarded to the Township model policies that will provide real protection to ALL residents of Montclair.”

They are articulated around 4 key points:
1- Non cooperation with Fed/ICE
2- Non data sharing with Fed/ICE
3- Special protected status for undocumented victim of crimes (U-Visa certification by our MPD)
4-Provision regarding language access.

In addition to attending the town council meeting, Montclair residents who wish to have their voice heard in the Sanctuary City debate can vote and comment here.

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  1. Being an harassment free zone, does not warrant harboring ILLEGAL immigrants. Yes, legal, LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, do make not only Montclair great but the U.S great. Not by deeming Montclair a sanctuary city.

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