Love It or Hate It, Everyone Is Talking About This New York Times Essay About Montclair

Maybe you saw it in the paper or a friend shared it on Facebook, but if you haven’t read the essay Suburban? Just Don’t Call Her a ‘Jersey Girl’, just know that it rings true for some of Montclair and strikes the wrong chord for others.

The writer, Jodi Rudoren, raves about the town as a “city person’s suburb” and gives love to Montclair’s housing stock, farmers market and its “at least three distinct, equally adorable commercial districts, at least a dozen places to have brunch and probably twice that many nail salons, plenty of restaurants that deliver — though not 24 hours a day…”

Yet, the controversy comes from this paragraph:

And I did cringe when my brother-in-law, who raised his children in quintessentially suburban Short Hills, N.J., referred to my daughter as a “Jersey Girl.” When people ask where we’re from and the children answer “New Jersey,” I find myself correcting them: “Montclair.”



The reaction to the essay highlights what people often describe as two Montclairs — in this case, the people who were either born in Montclair or in other towns in New Jersey and those that came here from Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Give it a read and tell us which camp you are in…

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