Montclair Crime: Officers Administer Naloxone for Drug Overdose, Burglary, Theft, and Arrests

Montclair Crime: Storm-Related Incidents, Theft, Attempted BurglaryThe week in Montclair Crime from D/Lt. David O’Dowd, Montclair Police Department:


03-21-2017 (Pine Street) Burglary to a vacant residence, currently under construction. Unknown if anything was taken at this time.

03-21-2017 (South Mountain Avenue) Theft from an unlocked motor vehicle. Loose change was taken in this incident.

03-21-2017 (Stonebridge Road) Burglary to a residence. A purse was stolen from the kitchen counter of the home. There was no sign of forced entry. This purse contained credit cards and cash.

03-21-2017 (Stonebridge Road) Attempted burglary to an attached garage. It is unsure if entry was gained to the structure.

03-22-2017 (Marston Place) Theft of a wallet from an unlocked motor vehicle. This wallet contained personal documents and cash.

03-22-2017 (South Mountain Avenue) Burglary to an unlocked residence. Cash and loose change was taken in this incident.

03-23-2017 (Trinity Place) Theft of a laptop. This laptop was taken from the area of the gymnasium.

03-24-2017 (Glenridge Parkway) Attempted theft of a bicycle from an open garage. The suspect is described as a white male, approximately 60yoa, wearing winter clothing.

03-25-2017 (Bloomfield Avenue) Attempted burglary to an apartment. An attempt was made to kick in the front door of the residence. Entry was not gained in this incident.

03-26-2017 (Tierney’s, Valley Road) Theft of an unattended purse. This purse contained jewelry and cash.

03-26-2017 (Montclair Library, South Fullerton) Theft of an unattended cellular telephone. The suspect is described as a black male wearing a black hood, black jacket with leather sleeve’s, white cuffs and dark colored pants


03-22-2017 (Wheeler Street) Officers were dispatched to a report of an unresponsive 50yoa male in a residence. Officers observed that the male was suffering from an apparent opioid overdose. They administered Naloxone and were successful in reviving him. He was transported to the hospital for treatment.

03-22-2017 Graffiti was observed on Big Belly garbage cans on Church Street and Seymour Street.

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  1. Officers who administer Naloxone for “..Burglary, Theft, and Arrests” need better training. Or is this another Oxford Comma crisis?

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