Montclair’s Forth Wanderers Rock Rachael Ray at SXSW

What does Rachael Ray do in her spare time? At this year’s SXSW festival, we learned that she likes to rock out to Montclair’s own Forth Wanderers.

The band made its first trip to Texas’ annual music and technology festival and earned the headline “Forth Wanderers Charm The Hell Out Of SXSW.” Guitarist Ben Guterl said that just getting to attend and play was a dream come true: “I’ve heard about it since 8th grade. It’s always been this huge milestone in my mind, and to make it down and play SWSW was kind of surreal.”

Even more surreal was one stop in the band’s 8-shows-in-6-days schedule: a live gig hosted by celebrity chef and TV host Rachael Ray.

“She was actually there, watched our set, and said she’s a big fan of us,” said Guterl. “She was in the front taking pictures, then cheering really hard after each song.”

Montclair was well-represented at this year’s festival, with Pinegrove side project Half Waif also in the mix.

So what does an up-and-coming local band do after playing to enthusiastic crowds in Austin? They hit the books—all of the Forth Wanderers are still in college, and they’re not letting recording and touring get in the way of school.

The band is recording when they get breaks from school, and they’re planning a summer tour out to Chicago and back. Guterl notes they’re making sure to really appreciate the big moments like SXSW along the way. “We have a crazy opportunity, and we want to take as much advantage of is as we reasonably can,” he says. “We want to have stories to tell. We want to enjoy it, tour when we can, keep recording, and just enjoy being a band.”

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