The New Feminine Voice: A Women’s Retreat This Summer in Greece

The New Feminine Voice

If you’re a women seeking to strengthen or develop a stronger feminine wisdom and dream of doing it on a Greek island, there’s summer retreat for you. Claudia Sherwood — a local and a guide using Reiki and various healing modalities — has organized The New Feminine Voice, a Women’s Retreat on the island of Limnos in Greece.

Sherwood has been spending summers on the island of Limnos in the north Aegean of Greece near Turkey for 10 years after purchasing a home there. “After learning to speak light Greek and living with the local customs and Mediterranean food, I am inspired to share this with others – especially women. I know the tavernas and small hotel owners and the deep beauty and quiet meditative spaces that this large but less known island offers,” says Sherwood.

This year she decided to organize a women’s retreat mid July, “The New Feminine Voice” on developing our inner feminine wisdom using Greek Goddess archetypes seen through the prism of Jungian Psychology. She will offer the retreat with Diana Martinez, who is versed in Gestalt, Family Constellations and Somatic training.

Sherwood says, “Diana impressed me deeply with her feminine joy for living, her intuition and precise focus. I experienced being in workshops with Diana as she used principles of current and ancestral family systems which have rules of inclusion and honoring disconnected habits and trauma. Greece and Greek mythology explores the nature of the world and “feels” physically and spiritually to me like the right space to engage in this ritual of inner search for our feminine voice.”

The New Feminine Voice
Claudia Sherwood

“In these times of political soul searching, I hear women who want to work together (with men) to offer what we can to our families, friends and community using our inner gifts and power,” adds Sherwood.

Reservations are extended through May 2017 as long as rooms are available. For further information on the Women’s Retreat, contact her here.

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  1. There were such wonderful people in these Grecian and Turkish isles when I visited. Lesvos was the most remarkable, beautiful and fun. Molivos is a small village where the main street has no cars and is shaded by wisteria vines. The singer Nina Hoggen was there with a bunch of artist friends and the guy that rented me a bicycle asked me if I was from NYC and was wondering if I had been a customer at his uncle’s deli at Cooper Square, because he recognized me from when I was a student at Cooper Union. I really loved it there.

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