Montclair’s New Gastropub, The Crosby, Opens Tonight

The Crosby, Montclair’s new gastropub on Glenridge Avenue and a sister restaurant to Fin, opens tonight, serving 40 beers on tap and casual, fun American fare.

Look for crafted house cocktails and a large selection of bourbons, Scotch and whiskeys, including some from local distilleries.

Menu highlights includes a Crosby burger, a lobster grilled cheese and blade cut pork chops.

Valet parking is available Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The bar area features a fireplace with low cocktail tables and couches. There will also be two communal tables for dining, as well as a separate elevated dining area. When the weather warms up, The Crosby will feature an outdoor beer garden.

The Crosby, 191 Glenridge Ave, 973-509-BEER (2337); reservations recommended for groups of six or more.

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  1. There are no prices on the online menu for food or alcohol. I am assuming that this is a pricey joint. In walking distance to my home, tho.

  2. No prices shown online menu for food/alcohol. Assuming it’s another pricey joint within walking distance of my home.

  3. Sorry for duplicate posts. Didn’t know 1st one went through. Actually meant to write something and delete without posting. Good luck, new business!

  4. Prices are about average for Montclair, great beer selection though my fave La Fin du Monde which I’ve never seen on tap is $10 — am hoping there will be a happy hour option. Space is very nice and large, good people watching and very busy bar. One week open and the place is packed, need reservations Fri/Sat.

  5. The valet parking takes up the entire side of the street, including yellow curbs, right up into the crosswalk at the end of Forest Street. The cars are being parked illegally in a lot behind the Montclair Breast Center which is specifically for employees only. The so called valets race the cars down the street at high speed. The patrons of the establishment come out of the Crosby at closing time loudly and obnoxiously, with no regard for anyone trying to get some sleep.

    Way to go Montclair…it seems every success on Glen Ridge Ave is paid for the people on our block…every time.

  6. I’m all for new places that bring people (and their money) to town, but I have to agree with mistercranetown about the questionable valet situation. They are letting people double park in the middle of Glenridge Avenue. Noise volume after closing time for local bars has gone up noticeably. I live around the corner so I’ve seen and heard quite a bit. I hope that as they settle in they will find a way to welcome patrons while respecting the neighborhood.

  7. mistercranetown how are they parking behind the Montclair Breast Center? You need a key to open the gate (I know this because I park there, legally, as a resident of a nearby building).

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