Got Books? College Women’s Club Book Sale Donations

Here are guidelines for donating books to College Women’s Club Book Sale:

Donors may drop off no more than 15 items each week, either bags, cartons (with maximum dimensions of 10” X 12” X 15”), or a combination.  They may return on subsequent weeks, following the same guidelines. 

LIMITED donations are accepted at Booksale Headquarters on the following Saturdays from 9:30am ’til 11:45am.

May 20, 26

June 3, 10, 17, 24

July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

August 5, 12, 19, 26

It’s easier to say what we don’t accept than to list what we do. We DO NOT want

  1. Encyclopedia sets
  2. Reader’s Digest Condensed books (or similar)
  3. Textbooks (unless quite recent or very old)
  4. AAA Travel Guides or maps
  5. Travel Guides that are more than 3-4 years old (unless they are very old)
  6. Anything that is falling apart, moldy, heavily underlined, etc.
  7. Puzzles or board games
  8. American Heritage or Horizon magazines
  9. Magazines more recent than 1980
  10. VHS tapes (video tapes)

We would love to get

  1. All hardcover and softcover books, adult & children, English and other languages, fiction and non-fiction
  2. Media of all kinds: DVDs, CDs, records (no 78’s), audio books (CD and audio tape), audio tapes. They must all be in their original printed jackets. Please don’t bring us empty cases (check those CD jewel boxes), or anything that you recorded yourself (we can’t legally resell those).
  3. Software
  4. Sheet music, maps, postcards
  5. Magazines from before 1980, except for National Geographic which must be from before WWII

If you want a tax receipt, come prepared with a count of how many of each kind of item you brought.  Please bring donations in bags or boxes.  Plastic over paper grocery bags work very well, as do smaller boxes such as wine/beer boxes or file boxes (sometime called banker’s boxes).

Please pull up in the striped area in front of the door on the side of the building to unload. DO NOT park in the building lot – you may stop briefly to drop off books but do not leave your car unattended.  The building tenants rent their spaces year round and they will call the police to ticket your car if you park in one of their slots.

Dropoff location:

Booksale Headquarters (opposite YMCA)
26 Park St. (Lower level)
Montclair, NJ 07042


Web site:



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