Chris Christie Closes State Beaches, Then Enjoys Family Beach Party

Chris Christie

State parks and beaches were closed this weekend, disappointing many over the holiday weekend due to a government shutdown. Island Beach State Park was one of the state parks and beaches to close…to everyone except Chris Christie and his family. Aerial photos from show Christie and company enjoying the summer beach house provided by the state. Maybe when your approval ratings hit historic lows, anything goes?

When asked about those criticizing his use of the beach, Christie said in a telephone interview to Fox 29 in Philadelphia, “I’m sorry they’re not the governor.”

What do you think of Christie’s beach day? And read how’s Andrew Mills got the amazing photos.

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  1. I feel badly for the man.

    It must seem like an eon since his days of being a prosecutor and the righteousness he thrived on.

    Now, like most Republicans, he has an advanced degree in lying, deceit, and basically, existing without a soul. Essentially, how the Roman Catholic Church looks at animals.

  2. Yes, he’s a phony, bullying punk. Who talks to the citizens of their state with the kind of disrespect and insolence that he does? At a current approval rate of 15% and falling like a rock, is it at all surprising? In the end, it all comes out in the wash. As far as his career as a politician is concerned, he’s finished. Good riddance, don’t let the State House door hit you in your fat behind!

  3. silverleaf, there’s always a job opening at FoxNooz for unpopular right wing politicians freshly out of a job. Perhaps Fox can offer him in the middle seat at the ‘Panel of Experts’ , placed firmly between Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee.

  4. STQ – With the departure of O’Reilly for matters relating to sexual harassment, he would have big shoes to fill. But then again, as seen in his recent beach photo, Christie has big feet.

  5. Still, I do feel badly for him. He is doing something so insignificant about the opioid crisis, yet thinks he is doing something so meaningful. He is doing this while joining with the Democrats in giving NJ’s pharma industry a free pass. Very sad as the crisis doesn’t seem to be limited to a one-day event.

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