Chris Christie and Mike From Montclair Go At It

Mike from Montclair calls Gov. Christie a fat ass. Christie says he loves getting calls from “communists in Montclair.” Give a listen to them go at it on WFAN:

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  1. How sweet it is to have the Montclair media establishment get it’s head handed. Hey gov not everybody is think-left live-right useful idiot Communist in this town.

  2. I have served in the administrations of two political leaders, then-Mayor Ed Rendell, Democrat of Philadelphia, and Governor Christie. I greatly respect both of them, although I certainly don’t agree with every decision they made in office. There are plenty of politicians in both parties whom I respect less, but it has never crossed my mind to publicly call an elected official a petty personal name. By all means, disagree with a politician or his policies. By all means, do so vigorously and work to effect change if you don’t like the leader you have. But Montclair is supposed to a place where we can have those disagreements civilly, and “Mike,” in my opinion, did his neighbors a disservice today. For those who thought a Congressman shouting “you lie” during President Obama’s State of the Union address deserved condemnation, please remember that you can’t be against such speech only when it’s attacking a leader you like.

  3. Jeff,

    Very reasoned. Good disclosure. A little Fox Newsy.

    However, Christie, while still on the state payroll, goes on an job interview transmitted across public airwaves. He calls Montclair a bunch of Communists. Not a few of us. Most of us based on election results.

    I don’t think you should bleed Montclair Blue, but your former employer came off in a way that really makes me wonder what standard you are applying. As all apparently knew beforehand, this was going to be a Housewives of NJ Reunion sort of programming. I doubt you would watch these types of entertainment, but the style is mainstream. Mike doesn’t represent anyone but himself. Your former boss, our Governor is taking taxpayer money and perks while representing all of us.

    I don’t think, as evidence by his Montclair comment, he represents us. I don’t have a big problem with this, but he should just say he is modifying his oath of office to reflect he will not represent all residents of the State. If this is what ethics is like in Trenton and Harrisburg, then I’m hopelessly naive. Right?

  4. I’m not going to defend the Governor’s “communists” comment, although I’m fairly certain that Tom Moran has said the same thing about his hometown. Both were saying it in jest. “Mike” was not joking when he called the Governor a vulgar personal name.

    When I worked in Philadelphia, I attended Mayor Rendell’s “State of the City” address in the City Council chambers not long after the one-day 1992 strike over the number of paid holidays and other important work rule issues. Lots of union members were in attendance, too, and they booed and heckled Mayor Rendell throughout his speech. I was 23 at the time and all I had seen of “State of” speeches were Presidential addresses. I couldn’t believe the Mayor was being heckled in such an official setting.

    Maybe I was naive. Maybe I still am. But having had the opportunity to get to know “controversial” politicians close-up, I’ve found it’s usually better to remember that they are fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. When you run for office, you certainly open yourself up to scrutiny and criticism. And John Adams was called the 18th Century equivalent of a “fat ass,” too, so it’s not as though I can call this unprecedented. I just like the idea of more civility and respect in political discourse. Make of that what you will.

  5. To be clear, I was not suggesting you were naive – only that I was. As to the suggestion Christie was being humorous, it was at the expense of the Township. He is a brawler. He thrives on it. He got schooled with his own tactics. Vulgar? Yes, but of the petty type.

    I strongly suspect all involved are quite happy with all of the attention…and in hindsight, all would play it the same way given a chance for a do-over.

  6. To say that Chris Christie likes to wallow in the mud is not a specious insult. It’s his political game and he thrives in it. He sees the tragic end of his political life ahead of him and, as his callous behavior last weekend at the beach showed, he is going out in his typical boorish (or boarish) style. The citizens of New Jersey will give him the send off he deserves.

  7. Frank, there will be no “do over” for Christie. He has completed his two terms in ignominious disgrace, and ironically, “on the beach” . . . exactly where he deserves to be. He is finished politically, and one can only hope, publicly.

  8. Interesting to reflect on the sitch one year ago, and today:
    two men jockeying for GOP nomination. The one not taken seriously is elected POTUS, the other might be second banana on a radio show.
    It easily could have been the other way.

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