Essex County Women’s Philanthropy Group, Impact100, Reaches Goal of 100 Members

Impact100 Essex, a local philanthropy collective established by 12 Essex County women in March of this year, has exceeded its goal of 100 members, and now has over $100,000 available for funding of local nonprofit programs.

Impact100 Essex is based on a national model in which 100 women each contribute $1,000 to fund a one-time, high-impact grant to a local nonprofit organization, addressing the needs of underserved populations. The group will begin to accept applications from Essex County nonprofits on September 5.

After a multi-step review process, members will vote on the $100,000 grant at a full membership meeting in early 2018. “Impact grants give groups serving local communities an opportunity to dream big and achieve something remarkable,” said organizer Margo Greenfield.

Impact100 programs across the United States have raised more than $33 million for local nonprofit organizations since 2001. If your nonprofit organization is interested in being considered for a future grant, or in being on Impact100 Essex mailing list, information is available at

“To contribute to worthy organizations as individuals is certainly well worth the time and energy,” said Bonnie Carter, a member from West Orange. “But Impact100 Essex offers the opportunity to have a more hands-on role in a major, transformative grant. It’s a truly unique opportunity for local women who want to give back.”

The group’s founders were determined that Essex County’s rich diversity and many neighborhoods be reflected in the membership, which now includes members from 14 towns across the County.

“This is a chance for women to meet and work with other women in our community, and to do something positive and productive together,” said Helen Mazarakis, Grant Committee Chair. “We’re building a community among the members, and also with those who will be served by our upcoming transformative grant.”

The group is accepting members until July 31. Details about Impact100 Essex membership are available at

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