Are You Going? Watchung Booksellers Sells 1000 Tickets in Under An Hour To Hillary Clinton Book Signing

So here’s What Happened…

Hillary Clinton is coming to Montclair to visit Watchung Booksellers on September 26 as part of her book signing tour. Yesterday morning, Watchung Booksellers announced news of the event via the store’s newsletter. And guess What Happened? All 1000 tickets ($30.00+tax ticket included admission to the book signing line and one copy of What Happened, which Hillary Clinton will sign.) were sold in less than an hour (did you get one?).

Missed your chance to have her new book What Happened signed by HRC? Clinton will also be appearing at book signings and other events in the area.

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  1. I know what happened, you lost, get over it. Go back to upstate NY and live out your life out of the public eye. You blame Comey, Russia, Obama and Bernie for not supporting you, the DNC, the recession, Trump, white nationalists, racists all on your loss. You took up “alternate nostril breathing, yoga and drank your fair share of chardonnay, yet this is who you loonies line up for? How about the secret service, US Marshals and state police who, our tax dollars are paying for to protect her on her book tour. Maybe the 30k she profited off of Montclair alone should go towards that, or god for bid, maybe…. donate it?

  2. @jimbo8:

    …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….huh, wha? sorry, dozed off there…


    Why am I not shocked that Trumpers think books are toilet paper? Explains so much…

  3. Hey, credit where credit is due jimbo. Hillary knows her base – wealthy, focused, highly educated, liberal, cosmopolitan Americans who like to live in or near world class cities like the Big Apple. Montclairians fit the bill perfectly. So that was the perfect bookstore. Your boy Drumpf probably scored somewhere in the single digits or low teens here in Montclair in the last election. How did he do in your town? Probably better than that. Anyway, cheer up, it’s Mueller time !

  4. jimbo8 – It has been widely reported that the donated funds came from the RNC, not him personally. A distinction that you conveniently forgot to mention while you were name calling. The RNC also paying for Donald Jr.’s legal defense fees for the Russian investigation.

  5. @spirotquayle.. in my town? In my town you ask? How long have you lived in this town?.. I am fifth generation in Montclair, having grown up on Pine St before you leftist loonies moved west from Brooklyn, don’t even go there.

  6. Well, since you asked, jimbo , STQ and family have been here in Montclair for almost a quarter century, so, no, we’re not part of the recent Brooklyn migration. Sure, I know, 25 years of Quayles in town doesn’t rate compared to 5 generations of Jimbos on Pine Street, I’ll grant you that. But we Quayles were living in Europe 4 generations ago, just like the Drumpf family. Hey – jimbo8 – can you say RICO for Drumpf 2018? Hopefully Cheeto von Gropenfingers will finally pay the contractors he stiffed – before We the People toss him in the slammer. He needs to pay in full, with compounded interest and legal expenses included.

  7. My kids and I had a wonderful time waiting in line, meeting HRC, and now reading her books. Thank you to Watchung Booksellers for being bold and pitching the event to begin with, and thank you to the Montclair PD and all the fabulous people in line who chatted with us and put up with elementary-aged antics during the hours-long wait. I so appreciate having the chance to personally thank Hillary Clinton for her perseverance and grace despite the lies and bizarre antics of others.

  8. Frank – You’ve grossly misjudged. My political sentiments well known here. It was a tongue-in-cheek reply to jimbo8’s 12:34 comment. Which, with the name calling and earlier HRC rant, is quintessentially Trump-like.

  9. silverleaf,

    This is a political thread. Being labeled a looney, leftist puppet by the minority party is common these days. Our own Governor said as much. And you have the right to defend yourself in a manner that you see fit. I judged your remark not nice. Rather then just saying it was meant tongue in cheek, you asked me to further discern the possible ways it was meant. I said I couldn’t, just how it reads. You got irritated…and then, yes indeed, it was an indirect meaning. Humor. I don’t think it served you well.

  10. @jimbo8:

    Oops! Sorry, Jimmy, looks like former Sec Price will NOT be able to defray HRC’s tour costs. Can you suggest some other cabinet members who are grifting the public with private plane charters?? I can…

    Drain the Swamp! #Maga-its

  11. Frank, if you judged my comment “not nice”, surely you knew how it read.

    The disingenuousness continues

  12. Did I do that, Frank? Did I attempt to summarize in one sentence? Did I attempt to summarize the historic significance of the Pine Street historic district at all?

    It would take a lot more than than the two links you posted to do that.

    Do you see what I’m getting at about your disingenuousness?

  13. Sorry Flipsie, gotta go—once again Frank R. has hijacked a thread by making it ENTIRELY ABOUT HIMSELF. What a sad, creepy way to “live”…

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