Has The Human Needs Food Pantry Helped You?

How has the Human Needs Food Pantry impacted the community? In preparation for celebrating its 35th Anniversary, the Human Needs Food Pantry is looking for feedback on how the Pantry has assisted and supported people in need who live in Montclair, and its neighboring communities in suburban Essex County.

The Board of Directors welcomes stories from previous clients who have benefited from the Pantry and others who can attest to the organization’s impact and support. Statements can be submitted anonymously. Accumulated stories will be considered for use in a presentation to celebrate the Pantry’s 35 years.

The Pantry also seeks stories of volunteerism, and pictures from food drives and events conducted over the 35 years. Interested participants can email the Board of the Human Needs Food Pantry at hnfpboard@gmail.com or call Board Member, Christine McGrath, at 201-988-2404. For more information, please visit www.humanneedsfoodpantry.org.

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